Mutual Agreement definition

Mutual Agreement means an agreement which has been arrived at between directly affected employees and PWC, without duress being applied to either party;
Mutual Agreement is defined to mean an agreement between the Union and the Employer.
Mutual Agreement means agreement between the employer and an employee as allowed for in this agreement.

Examples of Mutual Agreement in a sentence

  • However, the Mutual Agreement Procedure (“MAP”) article in Double Tax Agreements allows competent authorities in partner jurisdictions to interact with the intent to resolve international tax disputes involving cases of double taxation where the same profits have been taxed in two jurisdictions.

More Definitions of Mutual Agreement

Mutual Agreement means that a position of consent has been reached between the employee and the Manager on duty. A note of explanation and signatures by the parties verifying the changes shall be made to the employee’s time sheet.
Mutual Agreement means any of the following:
Mutual Agreement or “Mutual Consent” when used hereafter shall mean the assent of the majority of the members of each team.
Mutual Agreement means the procedure envisaged in Article 25 of the Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development;
Mutual Agreement means an agreement reached between the Chief Operating Officer of the CN Tower (or the Company’s designate) and the Union’s National Representative assigned employee.
Mutual Agreement means bargaining only with ratification by the Association and approval by the school corporation prior to any changes.
Mutual Agreement means agreement that is reached after individuals have been fully informed of the issues under consideration, including alternatives that are available or feasible. Mutual agreement is achieved when managers and employees have entered into arrangements after full and open discussions, free of any coercion.