Department Head definition

Department Head means the person appointed and responsible to carry out the duties of a Department. “Full-Time Employment” means employment for not less than 20 hours per week for fifty-two weeks per
Department Head means the person appointed and responsible to carry out the duties of a Department.

Examples of Department Head in a sentence

  • Upon review of any information provided by the employee, the Department Head shall make his/her final determination in writing.

  • The Division Head, Department Head, or Chief of Staff will organize a formal meeting(s) with the Medical Staff Member.

  • ANSWER I’m advised: The Public Sector Employment and Management Act 2002 provides for a Department Head to establish or abolish any branch or part of the Department.

  • No work shall interfere with school activities or environment unless permission is granted by the Principal, Department Head, or School District Designee.

  • The search for a Department Head was nearing completion (as of July 2001), as was the search for a new Chair of the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Division.

More Definitions of Department Head

Department Head means the administrative or executive head of the State official’s agency or his or her designee.
Department Head means the head of a department or his/her delegate or a person authorized to act in that capacity. For a faculty or a school not organized into departments, "department head" shall be interpreted to mean "xxxx" or "director". For the libraries, "department head" shall mean head of a department, head of a regional library, coordinator, assistant director or associate director or University Librarian, as appropriate.
Department Head means the head of a principal department.
Department Head means the officer in charge of a department's operations and activities.
Department Head means the chief executive officer of a non-school department, with total responsibility to manage all affairs of the department including general control of all certificated and classified employees assigned to the department.
Department Head means an employee designated as a supervisor or superintendent of a department.