HOURS OF Sample Clauses

HOURS OF. The normal hours of work for employees engaged fence erection shall be forty-four hours made up of four days of nine hours each, Monday to Thursday inclusive, and eight hours on Friday. Article Overtime R- ates- One and one-half times the basic rate for hours worked in excess of normal hours in any one day, Monday to Friday and all hours worked on Saturdays the Statutory Holidays listed in the master portion of Agreement. Two times the basic rate will be for all hours worked on Sundays. Article ‘Welfare and Pension Plans Not applicable. - - -Artic-le T-rade -Impro-vemen- t Plan- Not applicable. APPENDIX A -MOO-SE R- IVE-R BA- SIN: NORTH-ERN - ONT-ARIO- Where the Employer elects to establish a camp, the following conditions will apply for employees working in the Moose River Basin: - - Employer may elect to provide free room and board in camp at no cost to the employee., Where the Employer elects to provide a camp such employees will not be entitled to receive a daily travel or room board allowance. ‘When an Employer does not elect to provide free room and board in camp, the employee will be entitled to receive a daily travel or room and board allowance as set out in employee who remains in camp on a normally scheduled day on which he does not work will be charged per day unless he is excused from work a reason by the medical or an of his Employer. employee who is absent from work without approval and who remains in camp and is still. absent work the following day without approval will be charged for the day of absence and each successive day of absence. -Hour-s of W- ork- ‘The hours of work will consist of a day cycle of fourteen consecutive work days followed by seven consecutive days off. scheduled hours of work of ten hours per day shall be paid at straight time hourly rates. scheduled hours of work on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, and fifth consecutive weekday shall be paid at two the straight time rate.
HOURS OF a) The regular work week for drivers will begin at Sunday. Hours will be in keeping with regulations, however, said driver assigned to open board jobs will begin with a punch in Sunday up to and including a punch in of a.m. Saturday in keeping with regulations. The regular work day will be in keeping with hours of service, however said driver after obtaining twelve (12) hours once coming on duty may decline additional work offered to them upon their arrival at their home terminal or Drivers who have obtained a full load which constitutes returning to their terminal will not be redirected to any drop yard or other location but shall continue to their terminal provided that: Any additional pickups are not part of a designed customer run; The employee notifies dispatch of his intention to decline beyond twelve
HOURS OF. The usual hours of work shall be an average of forty-two (42) hours per week in a four week shift cycle, however, personnel employed in the fire prevention and the training office will work forty (40) hours per week based on a schedule approved by the Fire Chief and the Association. The normal work day shall include a lunch period of one hour which may be taken midway in the work period at the fire station at which the employee is posted. Employees as assigned shall work a two platoon system provided that the two system shall be conditional upon the forty-two (42) hour work week. If the hours of work are to be changed in future agreements, nothing in this Agreement shall be interpreted to guarantee the continuation of the two platoon system. Authorized overtime shall be paid at the rate of time and one-half the regular prorated hourly rate of the salary rate for all employees working the two platoon system and of the salary rate for employees working forty hour work weeks) on the following basis:
HOURS OF. The following provision designating regular hours on a daily tour and regular daily tours over the nursing schedule determined by the Hospital shall not be construed to be a guarantee of the hours of work to be performed on each tour or during each tour schedule. Subject to Article below:
HOURS OF. (a). The week for operations shall be six days per week Monday to Saturday inclusive. The workweek for day or shift workers shall be forty hours, eight hours per day, Monday to Friday inclusive or Tuesday to Saturday inclusive. The work week for pieceworkers shall be forty hours, eight hours per day, Monday to Friday inclusive. Pieceworkers may be scheduled to work in day work jobs on the day shift Monday to Friday inclusive. It is agreed that day work or shift work employees may be required to work in excess of their regular work day or shift or work week and will be paid in accordance with Section
HOURS OF. F-l A relief period, in accordance with the Central Collective Agreement, will be allowed during the first and second half of each shift.
HOURS OF. (a) Schedules will be posted two (2) weeks in advance and cover a week period. An employee may be permitted to exchange scheduled tours of duty with another employee who is scheduled to work in that area. The proposed exchange will be reviewed with the immediate supervisor and approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Such arrangements shall not result in the requirement of any premium payment by the Hospital. Requests for specific days off shall be submitted two (2) weeks in advance of the posted schedule. Employees will not be scheduled to work more than seven (7) consecutive days, followed by at least two (2) days off, unless by agreement of the employee involved.