REPORT IN Sample Clauses

REPORT IN. Any employee reporting to work without having been properly notified that there will be no work, shall receive at least two (2) hours' pay or bid time, whichever is less, except in cases of labor disputes or other conditions beyond the control of management.
REPORT IN. Section 23.1. The Engineer shall determine each employee's regular reporting site. Employees working at a work site different from the location where they regularly report to work and punch in, shall report in and punch in at the regular location and be in paid status for travel time to and from the work site. Transportation from the reporting site to the work site shall be furnished by the Engineer.
REPORT IN. Employees who report for work at their scheduled starting time and for whom no work is available, shall be paid for time worked or a minimum of three hours at the applicable rate, whichever is greater, unless previously notified not to so report.
REPORT IN. Employees who report for work at their scheduled starting time and for whom no work is available, shall be paid for time worked or a minimum of three hours at the applicable rate, whichever is greater, unless previously notified not to so report. The following shall be considered overtime: Time worked in excess of the number of scheduled daily hours.
REPORT IN. WORK LOCATION CLOSURE Due to numerous unforeseen as well as foreseen reasons, an individual C.S.N. program site may be closed. If that situation occurs, the following are options that both Management and the C.S.N. employee may jointly agree to use. These options shall be spelled out in advance so when the situation occurs, there will be some level of predictability. All of these options must have prior approval by the program supervisor. Options
REPORT IN. 14.01 In the event the Employer becomes aware that there will be no work available for employees on their next scheduled shift, the Employer will make reasonable efforts to notify employees by telephone that they need not report. It will be the responsibility of the employees to advise the Employer of their current home telephone number. Where the Employer fails to make reasonable efforts to notify employees by telephone not to report, employees who report for work shall be guaranteed a minimum of four (4) hours' pay at the appropriate rate. This shall not apply where an employee is prevented from working because of fire, flood, strike or circumstances beyond the control of the Employer.
REPORT IN. Employees reporting for their regularly scheduled work shift shall be provided a minimum of four (4) hours work or four (4) hours pay at their regular rate of pay, except in cases where work is unavailable due to acts of God, national emergency or circumstances beyond the control of the Company. If an employee reports and requests to leave work prior to completing the available four (4) hours of work and the supervisor approves such request, the employee will be paid only for hours actually worked.
REPORT IN. Any employee who reports for work provided he/she has not been notified that no work is available shall be guaranteed four (4) hours work or four (4) hours straight time pay for reporting. If no work is available on the employee's regular job, the Company may assign the employee to another job. The Company shall not be liable for reporting pay if work is unavailable due to factors beyond its control, such as fires, floods, power or water failure or other Acts of God. In the event of any such emergency, the Company may, within reason, assign any employee to other than his/her regular task, when the latter is not available.

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  • Smaller Reporting Company As of the time of filing of the Registration Statement, the Company was a “smaller reporting company,” as defined in Rule 12b-2 of the Exchange Act Regulations.

  • Reporting Compliance Company is subject to, and is in compliance in all material respects with, the reporting requirements of Section 13 and Section 15(d), as applicable, of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and the rules and the regulations of the SEC thereunder (collectively, the “Exchange Act”). Company’s SEC Reports at the time they were or hereafter are filed with the SEC, complied in all material respects with the requirements of the Exchange Act and did not and do not include any untrue statement of a material fact or omit to state a material fact necessary to make the statements therein, in light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading.

  • Monthly Reporting Within twenty (20) calendar days following the end of each calendar month, Registry Operator shall deliver to ICANN reports in the format set forth in Specification 3 attached hereto (“Specification 3”).

  • Report on Assessment of Compliance and Attestation (a) On or before March 1 of each calendar year, commencing in 2007, the Servicer shall:

  • Accounting System Requirement The Contractor shall maintain an adequate system of accounting and internal controls that meets Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or “GAAP.”

  • SUBMISSION OF THE MONTHLY MI REPORT 4.1 The completed MI Report shall be completed electronically and returned to the Authority by uploading the electronic MI Report computer file to MISO in accordance with the instructions provided in MISO.

  • Monthly MWBE Contractor Compliance Report A. In accordance with 5 NYCRR § 142.10, Contractor is required to report Monthly MWBE Contractor Compliance to OGS during the term of the Contract for the preceding month’s activity, documenting progress made towards achievement of the Contract MWBE goals. OGS requests that all Contractors use the New York State Contract System (“NYSCS”) to report subcontractor and supplier payments made by Contractor to MWBEs performing work under the Contract. The NYSCS may be accessed at xxxxx:// This is a New York State-based system that all State agencies and authorities will be implementing to ensure uniform contract compliance reporting throughout New York State.

  • Servicer Compliance Statement On or before March 5 of each calendar year, commencing in 2007, the Company shall deliver to the Purchaser and any Depositor a statement of compliance addressed to the Purchaser and such Depositor and signed by an authorized officer of the Company, to the effect that (i) a review of the Company's servicing activities during the immediately preceding calendar year (or applicable portion thereof) and of its performance under the servicing provisions of this Agreement and any applicable Reconstitution Agreement during such period has been made under such officer's supervision, and (ii) to the best of such officers' knowledge, based on such review, the Company has fulfilled all of its servicing obligations under this Agreement and any applicable Reconstitution Agreement in all material respects throughout such calendar year (or applicable portion thereof) or, if there has been a failure to fulfill any such obligation in any material respect, specifically identifying each such failure known to such officer and the nature and the status thereof.

  • Reporting Frequency During any period of time when you are subject to the requirement in paragraph 1 of this award term and condition, you must report proceedings information through XXX for the most recent five year period, either to report new information about any proceeding(s) that you have not reported previously or affirm that there is no new information to report. Recipients that have Federal contract, grant, and cooperative agreement awards with a cumulative total value greater than $10,000,000 must disclose semiannually any information about the criminal, civil, and administrative proceedings.

  • Report Cards Report cards are sent home each trimester; the report card envelope is to be signed and returned to the homeroom teacher the following school day. There will be an $8 replacement charge for any lost report card envelopes.