HOURS OF EMPLOYMENT a. The hours of employment listed below are to be construed as relating directly to the current salary agreement for summer employment. It is understood that directors of various summer projects may have flexibility in the scheduling and operation of their various activities. The weekly hours of employment are based on thirty (30) hours per week.
HOURS OF EMPLOYMENT. 18.01 Workday The normal workday for full time monitors will be eight and one-half (8-1/2) hours with one-half (1/2) hour off for a duty free lunch period. Two fifteen minute rest breaks shall be scheduled for all monitors employed full time. If duties preclude or interrupt a monitor’s lunch, an additional 30 minutes for lunch will be guaranteed as soon as possible after said duties have been fulfilled. Monitors shall work a 190 day schedule. Monitors will be given the opportunity to work an additional 10.5 hours over the course of the school year, paid at the overtime rate. Monitors will work their normal day when students are released for professional time and for all professional days when students are not in attendance. Members will be paid for their regularly scheduled work hours for their last scheduled day of work, but will only be required to work 2 hours in the morning for the end of the year meeting.
HOURS OF EMPLOYMENT. 43 Section 1--Work Year. 43 Section 2--Work Day. 45 Section 3--School Meetings. 47 Section 4--Lunch Period. 48 Section 5--Conference or Preparation Periods. 48 Section 6Professional Duties. 49 Section 7--Parent-Teacher Conferences. 50 Section 8--Preparations. 50 Section 9--Job Sharing. 51 Section 10--Exchange Days. 52 Section 11--Roving Assignments. 52 Section 12--Joint Study Committee. 53 Section 13--Reduced-Work-Load Program. 53
HOURS OF EMPLOYMENT. 4. The Employee shall work 8+ hours daily during the periods to be designated by the Employer and 5 days each week, for a total of 40+ hours per week actually devoted to the business of the Employer.