Fire Department definition

Fire Department means an organized fire department as that term is defined in section 1 of the fire prevention code, 1941 PA 207, MCL 29.1.
Fire Department means the City Fire Department.
Fire Department means any public organization engaged in fire fighting or a private sector employer fire company or fire department organized as a nonstock, nonprofit corporation under ch.181 or ch. 213 without the input of a municipality.

Examples of Fire Department in a sentence

  • Access for Fire Department apparatus and personnel to and into all structures shall be required.

  • When a fire lane must accommodate the operation of Fire Department aerial ladder apparatus or where fire hydrants are installed, those portions shall not be less than 28 feet in width.

  • Any required fire hydrants to be installed shall be fully operational and accepted by the Fire Department prior to any building construction.

  • The following recommendations of the Fire Department relative to fire safety shall be incorporated into the building plans, which includes the submittal of a plot plan for approval by the Fire Department either prior to the recordation of a final map or the approval of a building permit.

  • Submittal of plot plans for Fire Department review and approval prior to recordation of Tract Map Action.

More Definitions of Fire Department

Fire Department means the Fire Department of the City.
Fire Department means that part of the Unified Fire Authority which provides fire operational and support services, under the direction of the Chief.
Fire Department means a municipal fire department, public safety department, or public or private organization, such as a fire association, fire district, fire company or fire corporation, organized or created for the purpose of extinguishing fires and preventing fire hazards.
Fire Department means the regularly organized, full
Fire Department means a fire department of a municipal corporation or township, a township fire district, a joint township fire district, a private fire company or volunteer fire company that has entered into an agreement for the use and operation of firefighting equipment with a municipal corporation, township, township fire district, or joint township fire district or, in a municipal corporation or township where no such fire department or district exists and no such agreement is in effect, the fire prevention officer of the municipal corporation or township having response jurisdiction for a regulated facility.
Fire Department means a volunteer fire department, a fire department of a political subdivision or fire district of this state, or a private volunteer company that has elected to participate in the volunteer firefighters’ dependents fund pursuant to section 146.02 of the Revised Code.
Fire Department means the regularly organized, full time, paid, and employed force of firefighters of the municipality.