Work Day definition

Work Day means any day that an Employee is regularly scheduled to work and for which the Employee receives payment from the Employer.
Work Day means every day of the week except Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays; and
Work Day a day when the administrative offices of the District are open.

Examples of Work Day in a sentence

  • All provisions pertaining to Casual Employees working the extended work day are covered in Article 40: Extended Work Day.

  • Grades K-5 may hold a “Sneak a Peek” event on the first Members’ Work Day with a specific two (2) hour timeline that the LHEA and the Administration mutually agrees upon, but not to exceed the normal work day hours.

  • Employees who are on vacation or absent with pay on their paid Excused Work Day or two (2)-hour increment thereof for reasons other than having observed it as an Excused Work Day or two (2)-hour increment thereof shall have their paid Excused Work Day or two (2)-hour increment thereof rescheduled if a vacation day would have been rescheduled under the same circumstances.

  • Paraprofessional Work Day Paraprofessionals will only work on scheduled student days and the days indicated in the above article.

  • The last Teacher Work Day will be June 4, 2021 instead of June 10, 2021.

More Definitions of Work Day

Work Day means day other than that prescribed by the Negotiable Instruments Act, as being a holiday and consists of the number of hours of labour as commonly recognized by good employers in the trade, in the district where the work is carried out or as laid in the BHEL Rules and Regulations.
Work Day. (or “Business Day”) means any day other than Saturday, Sunday, any federal legal holiday, or any day designated as a holiday under the collective bargaining agreement of a particular trade union.
Work Day means any day for which the teacher is eligible to receive pay and every day Monday through Friday at times other than when the teacher is under contract with the exception of winter recess.
Work Day means Monday through Friday, excluding Arizona state holidays.
Work Day means a day when the District Office conducts business.
Work Day or “working day”, as used herein, shall mean the days Monday through Friday, inclusive, but excluding any federal holidays.