OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH. The Employer will maintain a safe and healthful work place in compliance with all Federal, State and local laws applicable to the safety and health of its employees. The Safety Committee will be the proper vehicle to investigate safety issues and the Employee Health Advisory Committee shall be responsible for investigating health issues related to the work place. The Safety Committee shall include no more than three (3) bargaining unit employees on each safety committee, with not more than one (1) from any department. All bargaining unit employees who serve on the Committee will be appointed by the Union. The Union shall be responsible for providing names to the Employer each December for membership for the following year. Employees are encouraged to report any unsafe conditions to their supervisors and the Safety Committee. Safety Committee agendas will have a standing agenda item that addresses workplace violence.
OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH a. The parties desire to deal with safety and health complaints internally to attempt to correct any alleged problems. Where either the SHTA or any bargaining unit member has a safety or health complaint, the administration must be notified of the complaint. If after three (3) business days, the complaint has not been satisfactorily addressed, a complaint may be filed with the Ohio Department of Industrial Relations under Chapter 4167.
OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH. A. Consultant will perform the Services in compliance with the most current versions of all laws, standards, rules, and regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and all state and federal laws and regulations relating to safety and health standards. Consultant shall perform the Services in compliance with, will furnish only supplies, articles, and equipment that comply with such laws, standards, and regulations.
OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH. The Parties hereto agree to notify each other immediately upon becoming aware of an inspection under, or any alleged violation of, the Occupational Safety and Health Act relating in any way to the project site.
OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH. Section 1. The parties desire to first deal with safety and health complaints internally to attempt to address and correct any health or safety concerns. Accordingly, neither the Association nor a bargaining unit member may file a complaint with the Ohio Department of Industrial Relations until after the Board and administration have been notified of the complaint and have had at least a five (5) working day opportunity to resolve the complaint.
OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH. 39.1 The City University shall furnish to each of its employees who is covered by this agreement a place of employment which is free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious harm to its employees and shall comply with occupational safety and health standards promulgated under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. An alleged violation of this provision may be grieved up to and including Step 2 of the formal procedure for handling grievances provided by Article 20.4 of the collective bargaining agreement. If the PSC deems it necessary and appropriate to file such a grievance, a written “stop-the-clock” request will be made along with the filing of the grievance in order to allow the cooperative CUNY-PSC health and safety mechanism to operate without interference from the grievance procedures.
OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH. SECTION 1. The Company and the Union mutually recognize the need for a work environment in which safe operations can be achieved in accomplishing all phases of work, and the need to promote better understanding and acceptance of the principles of safety and occupational health on the part of all employees to provide for their own safety and health and that of their fellow employees, customers and the general public. In specific recognition of the extensive use of video display terminals (VDTs), the parties re- emphasize their joint goal to maximize the advantages of VDTs and minimize any potential disadvantages their use may present to employees.
OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH. The parties desire to deal with safety and health complaints, and to attempt to correct any health or safety violations, internally. Accordingly, neither the Association nor an employee may file a complaint alleging a health or safety violation with the Ohio Department of Industrial Relations pursuant to R.C. §4167.10 until the following process has been completely exhausted:
OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH. 14.1 The Landowner and the Share Xxxxxx acknowledge that safety in the workplace is a priority to both parties and that both parties will take all practicable measures to ensure safe working conditions and to comply with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Xxx 0000 and all applicable statutory provisions and regulations.