SCOPE OF THE Sample Clauses

SCOPE OF THE. AGREEMENT 200 SCOPE For the purposes of this Agreement it is understood and agreed by both parties that the work shall be all types of high voltage installations including (but not limited to) transmission lines, power lines, substa- tions, high tension cable installations, forestry and shall also include street and highway lighting, un- derground and overhead line type distribution sys- tems at lower voltages and communication, tele- phone and T.V. systems and any civil work required in the performance of any of the above work as well as any other line type work coming within the scope of the IBEW Constitution and falling within the fol- lowing Sectors of the Construction Industry: Residential (excluding highrise apartment houses) Sewers and Watermains Roads Heavy Engineering Pipeline Electrical Power Systems (excluding work covered by agreement between EPSCA and the IBEW-CCO) on projects and transmission systems. 201 CONTRACTOR QUALIFICATIONS Certain qualifications, knowledge, experience and fi- nancial responsibility are required of everyone xxxxx- ing to be a Contractor in the Electrical Industry. Therefore, an Employer who contracts for electrical work is a person, firm or corporation having these qualifications and whose principle business is Elec- trical Contracting and who maintains a permanent place of business and an adequate financial status to meet payroll requirements.
SCOPE OF THE pledge guarantee
SCOPE OF THE. SLA In Kent local agreements exist whereby the investigation and enforcement powers of local authorities are delegated to the Clean Kent fly tipping enforcement team. The Clean Kent Enforcement Team supports Kent local authorities and other key partners to detect and prosecute offenders. This Service Level Agreement defines the roles and responsibilities of the Clean Kent Enforcement Team and Dover District Council and the mechanisms by which work will be undertaken in respect of the delivery of a Clean Kent Enforcement Service in Dover District. The Agreement seeks to: • clarify arrangements for the deployment of the Clean Kent fly tipping enforcement team; • define the roles and responsibilities of each of the parties involved in the delivery of the service;
SCOPE OF THE. LTA (WORK ASSIGNMENT) The contractor shall rehabilitate, repair, and perform maintenance activities including delivery and installation of submersible pumps and other accessories required in BHs, as an LTA service (Long Term Agreement) commencing 01.11.2020 until 30.10.2022 (24 months). This is an LTA meaning 0 JOD guaranteed purchase/supply value. - To receive a Work Order request from the UNICEF focal person (by email and/or letter), requesting rehabilitation and maintenance activities. - To be available to UNICEF for any calls/requirements of information/data, technical specifications/information etc. about the specified/specific submersible pump, pipes (Riser pipes, black steel, galvanized) cabling and other ancillary equipment. - Capable of providing and managing all needed plant and equipment and trained persons necessary for BH rehabilitation and maintenance. - To supply equipment, install, connect and put into services BHs and ancillary equipment at the requested location per the requested timelines and conditions. - To ensure feed-back, follow-up communication and billing in due time to UNICEF.
SCOPE OF THE. Guidelines for Working with Small Numbers” The department and local health jurisdictions routinely make aggregated health and related data available to the public. Historically, these data were presented as static tables. Over the past decade, however, interactive Web-based data query systems allowing users to build their own tables have become more common. The department and local health jurisdictions also release files containing record-level data. The following guidelines apply to releases of aggregated population- based and survey data available to the public other than those mandated by law. Releases include both static data tables and graphics, such as charts and maps, as well as tables and graphics produced through interactive query systems. The guidelines do not apply to release of record-level data. Release of record-level data is governed by federal and state disclosure laws, which can be specific to a dataset, and by Institutional Review Boards if the data are used for research.
SCOPE OF THE processing agreement
SCOPE OF THE. Work For the Compensation described, Alliance will provide to Client assessment and certification services as described in latest issue of Documentation, Assessment of Management Systems (the “Work”), together with personnel and materials required to complete the Work. Alliance specifically reserves the right to amend Documentation Assessment of Management Systems (“Process”), as necessary in connection with Alliance’s continuing efforts to further improve its certification services. Alliance warrants that the Work will be performed in a professional and workmanlike manner. The manner, method and place of performance of the Work by Alliance shall be determined by Alliance in its reasonable discretion, subject to the requirements of this Agreement.
SCOPE OF THE. AGREEMENT The scope of this Management Agreement is to appoint the Fund Manager as the Sole Director of the Customer, and discretionary investment manager of the Customer and to establish the partiesrights and obligations in relation to such appointment. 3. OBIECTUL CONTRACTULUI Obiectul prezentului Contract de Administrare îl reprezintă numirea S.A.I. în calitate de Administrator Unic al Clientului şi, de asemenea, de societate de administrare a investițiilor Clientului cu puteri discreționare şi stabilirea drepturilor şi obligaţiilor părţilor cu privire la această numire. 4. APPOINTMENT OF THE FUND MANAGER By this Management Agreement, the 4. NUMIREA S.A.I. Prin acest Contract de Administrare, Clientul
SCOPE OF THE. The parties agree that the criteria used by the Canada Labour Relations Board to determine exclusions will be used by an Arbitrator in settling disputes that arise during the life of the agreement concerning scope of the Bargaining Unit.