AND PROCEDURES. 21:01 The Local Union may, in order to secure jobs for its members and contracts for Employers who are bound by this Agreement, but are bidding on contracts against contractors who are not parties to this Collective Agreement, amend or delete any of the terms and conditions in this Collective agreement subject to the terms of Appendix B.
AND PROCEDURES. Offered to Grade custodians who have passed the Custodial Methods and Procedures course and who have successfully passed an interview with the Training Supervisor and Area Xxxxxxx where job knowledge, individual performance evaluations, and attendance records are reviewed. To improve job performance and promotion. Length: Approximately hours on the employee's time offered annually in March if sufficient numbers of people apply. Upon successful completion, a promotion to a Grade custodian. If the employee fails the course, that person may repeat the course at a later date pending a successful interview. Material Covered: Boilers and related equipment, units including heat pumps and Centra Vac units, emergency lighting and generators, water softeners, lawn mowers and snow blowers. Promotion to Grade shall be made upon satisfactory completion of such courses of instruction and tests. An overall average of must be achieved on all individual courses. The value of each question will appear on the test paper, as well as the mark received for each question and the total. The graded test paper may be reviewed by the employee and the Supervisor involved. Those who fail will be notified at the time when they will be permitted to repeat the course. During the course, test papers will be returned to the candidates. Custodians who are qualified as Grade and are assigned to the following duties will be advanced to Grade 5: Charge Custodian Mobile Custodian Shift Leader Xxx Xxxxxxxxx May01 The training course will be offered every two years, if the need exists. The passing mark is The value of each question will on the test paper as well as the mark for each question and the totals. The graded test paper may be reviewed by the employee and the Supervisor involved. The graded rest paper is placed in the employee's file upon completion of the course and a letter sent to the candidate with the final mark achieved. Centra Vac Course Offered to senior Charge Custodians and Shift Leaders. Opportunity to promote into a category or building with a Centra Vac. Possible promotion and category Change. Length: Approximately hours offered about on the employee's time. If the employee fails the course, that person may repeat at a later date.
AND PROCEDURES. In an attempt to streamline and expedite the layoff and recall procedures, as they relate to Article of the Collective Agreement, both agree to the following:
AND PROCEDURES. In all steps of this Grievance Procedure, including disciplinary interviews, an aggrieved employee shall be notified of such meeting and if they so desire, shall be accompanied by or represented by the Nurse Representative. All and grievances shall be taken up the following An employee having a complaint shall refer it to the Lodge Coordinator or her designate within ten days of the actual occurrence leading to the complaint. The Lodge Director or the designate shall reply to the employee giving the answer to the complaint within five (5) days from the date of submission. If further action is to be taken, then within five (5) days after the decision is given Step No. the employee, who may request the assistance of the Nurse Representative shall submit the grievance in writing to the A meeting then be held between the Administrator or the designated representative and the employee. It is understood that at such a meeting the Administrator or the designated representative may have such counsel and assistance as they may desire, and that the employee may have a Nurse Representative and a representative of the Ontario Nurses' Association in attendance. The decision of the Administrator or the designated representative shall be given in writing within five (5) days following the meting. Should the Administrator fail to render a decision as required in Step No. or failing settlement of any grievance under the foregoing procedures arising from the interpretation, application, administration or alleged violation of this Agreement, including any question as to whether a matter is arbitrable, the grievance be referred to Arbitration by either the Employer or the Association. If no request for Arbitration received within ten (10) days after the decision under Step No. is given, or within fifteen (15) days following the meeting under step No. of the Grievance Procedure, the grievance shall be deemed to have been abandoned and the same grievance shall not be subject matter for a further grievance Any of the time allowances above may be extended by mutual agreement of the parties in writing or as set out in Section (6) of the Relations Act of Ontario. Saturdays, Sundays and Paid Holidays will not be counted in determining the within which any action to be taken or completed under each of the steps of the Grievance Procedure. When a grievance is submitted writing it shall set forth the nature of the grievance and the redress requested A policy grievance shall be defined ...
AND PROCEDURES. Promotion Schedule will based upon suc- cessful completion of both the accumulated hours associated with step in the promotion schedule. Appendix Job Transfers
AND PROCEDURES. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this Agreement and any MainePERS policies or procedures as may now exist or may be from time to time created or amended, the provisions of this Agreement shall govern.
AND PROCEDURES. IMMEDIATE HOUSEHOLD - Heads of household and dependent family members residing in the same house. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR - Any Independent Representative who sells MSTG Solutions, Inc. products and services in accordance with the Marketing and Compensation Plan and according to his or her own methods and abilities, and who is subject to the Company's control only as to the MSTG Solutions, Inc. Policies and Procedures, Independent Representative Agreement, Compensation Plan and the Advertising Rules and Regulations. Independent Representative - Any person who has submitted a completed a MSTG Solutions, Inc. Independent Representative Agreement, has been accepted by MSTG Solutions, Inc. and is authorized to sell services and to receive compensation in accordance with the requirements of the Marketing and Compensation Plan. An Independent Representative's relationship to MSTG Solutions, Inc. is governed by the Independent Representative Agreement, which is a fully enforceable contract. An Independent Representative is a fully Independent Contractor. INVOLUNTARY CANCELLATION - The termination of an Independent Representative's Agreement and MSTG Solutions, Inc. business that is initiated by MSTG Solutions, Inc. LEVEL - The layers of downline Independent Representatives in a particular Independent Representative's marketing organization. This term refers to the relationship of an Independent Representative relative to a particular upline Independent Representative, determined by the number of Independent Representatives between them who are related by sponsorship. For example: if A sponsors B, who sponsors C who sponsors D, then D is on A's third level. MARKETING ORGANIZATION -- All levels of Independent Representatives below a particular Independent Representative. OFFICIAL MSTG SOLUTIONS, INC. MATERIAL - Literature, audio or videotapes and other materials developed, printed, published or distributed by MSTG Solutions, Inc. to Independent Representatives or to prospective customers. OVERRIDE - Compensation paid by MSTG Solutions, Inc. to a qualified, active Independent Representative , based upon the sales of websites, and business related services and products generated by that Independent Representative's personal sales organization, as set forth in the MSTG Solutions, Inc. Marketing and Compensation Plan.
AND PROCEDURES. The purpose of these guidelines is to assist Monitoring Committees (MCs) of ASEAN Member States to develop a statement of criteria and procedures for submission to the ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant Coordinating Committee (ACPACC). In accordance with this Arrangement, the eligibility of a Professional Accountant for designation as an ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant (ACPA) is determined by reference to five performance criteria, which are to be considered as a package. Some of these criteria are relatively objective in nature, while others shall require the Monitoring Committee (MC) to exercise a measure of professional judgement. These notes represent the benchmarks against which each criterion should be considered.
AND PROCEDURES. The acts of the Officers shall bind the Company when they are within the scope of the authority of such Officers. Except as otherwise authorized by the Board or the CEO, and except as set forth in the Management Authorization Limits, no other Person shall have authority to bind or act for, or assume any obligations or responsibilities on behalf of, the Company. The Officers shall keep the Board informed as to all matters of concern to the Company.
AND PROCEDURES. Contractor shall maintain the additional policies and procedures as required by Rule § 444.303 and make them available for inspection by DSHS. Each Contractor shall develop and implement a policy and age-appropriate procedures to protect the rights of children, families and adults participating in a prevention or intervention program. All participants have the right to be free from abuse, neglect and exploitation; be treated with dignity and respect; and make a complaint to the Contractor or the Department at any time. Participants receiving individualized services in an intervention program also have the right to refuse or accept services after being informed of services and responsibilities, including program goals and objectives, rules and regulations, and participants’ rights. The Contractor shall maintain documentation showing that participants receiving individualized services in an intervention program have received the required information and agreed to participate in the program. Contractors that provide services to identified individuals shall maintain the confidentiality of participant-identifying information as required by the federal regulations governing Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Patient Records, Code of Federal Regulations, Title 42, Chapter 1, Part 2. Each Contractor shall establish and demonstrate active use of written agreements (memoranda of understanding) with available substance abuse providers and other mental health, health care, and social services providers to meet the needs of the clients and family members. Agreements to coordinate services must be established in writing, be renewed annually (through signature or other documented contact), include names of the organizations entering into the agreement, services or activities each organization will provide, signatures of authorized representatives, and dates of action and expiration.