Methods and Procedures Sample Clauses

Methods and Procedures. The Contractor must accept and respect the fact that the Airport is continuously undergoing construction and improvement and that a variety of stakeholders are involved in ACSA’s business. Therefore, within reason and with prior arrangement with the Contractor, ACSA might require the following from time to time: • Assisting with emergency repairs • Assisting with airport operations Re-scheduling of work to accommodate other contractors • Allowing access and aiding OEM suppliers to correct defects on equipment and/or systems • Pointing out services to consultants or other contractors • Providing access to other contractors • Attending co-ordination and planning meetings • Removing rubble and/or equipment from site relating to this contract • Training of ACSA operators and/or technicians • Providing of system data and/or statistics to ACSA • Recommending improvements on maintenance procedures • Recommending improvements on operational procedures • Co-operating with ACSA Security relating to security issues The ACSA Service Manager may instruct operational and works procedures to the Contractor as might be required from time to time. The Contractor will instruct his/her staff accordingly and implement measures to ensure that these procedures are strictly adhered to. Quality plans and control All work must be executed in accordance with prevailing industry norms and standards relating to quality. In this regard, the Contractor will be expected to draft quality plans for the Service Manager from time to time. Emphasis must be on improving system reliability and on ensuring that rostered maintenance work is indeed performed as and when required.
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Methods and Procedures. A. Dispute resolution methods and procedures, if any, shall be as set forth in the Supplementary Conditions. If no method and procedure has been set forth, and subject to the provisions of paragraphs 9.09 and 10.05, OWNER and CONTRACTOR may exercise such rights or remedies as either may otherwise have under the Contract Documents or by Laws or Regulations in respect of any dispute.
Methods and Procedures. When directed by CenturyLink or Consultant, Supplier will prepare, submit and have approved by CenturyLink and Consultant methods of procedure (“MOP”) that will include detailed work processes, time frames, and responsibilities. Contractor will comply with any approved MOP and will cause Supplier's employees, agents and subcontractors and their respective employees and agents to comply with the MOP.
Methods and Procedures. A. Either City or Contractor may request mediation of any Contract Claim submitted for a decision under Paragraph 10.06 before such decision becomes final and binding. The request for mediation shall be submitted to the other party to the Contract. Timely submission of the request shall stay the effect of Paragraph 10.06.E.
Methods and Procedures. HR department to liaise with IPS in order to provide the services above. * In order to provide the above services ILEX will need to receive from IPS sickness absence records on monthly basis. # In order to provide the above services ILEX will need to receive from IPS details of staff salary, appointments and training, staff performance information and disciplinary/grievance requirements, on an ad hoc basis. + In order to provide the above services ILEX will need to receive from IPS training requirements, holiday cards and holiday entitlement calculations on annual basis. Policy Application (Policies that apply to both ILEX and IPS): Equality & Diversity Policy Grievance Policy Disciplinary and Dismissal Policy General Dismissal Policy Capability Policy Sickness Absence Policy Learning & Development Policy Personal Harassment & Bullying Whistleblowers Policy Staff Members Expenses Policy Code of Conduct Electronic and Telephonic Communications Policy Health & Safety Policy Car Drivers Policy Charge: As per 2011 Financial Budget SLA Manager: HR Manager for ILEX Group SCHEDULE 2 FINANCE Service Specification Service: 1. Staff payroll administration 2. Staff expense claims and Board invoices administration 3. Credit card administration 4. Vehicle administration 5. Preparation of Management Accounts 6. Preparation of Budget statements 7. Audit and Preparation of Statutory Accounts 8. Processing of Customer invoices 9. Processing and payment of Supplier invoices 10. Completion of Group VAT returns 11. Bank statement reconciliation 12. Sales Ledger reconciliation 13. Cash management routines 14. Xxxxx Cash reconciliation 15. Direct Debit Collections 16. Debt Chasing 17. Management of fixed assets 18. Year end payroll administration 19. Group VAT annual adjustment calculation 20. Liaison with auditors 21. Management of Group insurance covers 22. Administration of AA cover for company vehicles 23. Preparation of Annual Report 24. Corporation tax reconciliation and payment Service Level/Timeframe: 1. Monthly * 2. Weekly * 3. Weekly * 4. As required * 5. Monthly # 6. Annually # 7. Annually # 8. Weekly # 9. Weekly # 10. Quarterly # 11. Weekly + 12. Weekly + 13. Weekly + 14. Monthly + 15. Monthly + 16. Monthly + 17. Monthly + 18. Annual + 19. Annual + 20. As required # 21. Annual + 22. Annual + 23. Annual + 24. Annual +
Methods and Procedures. Owner and Contractor shall make a good faith effort to resolve all disputes with an informal meeting between representatives of both parties with decision-making authority before resorting to other means of resolution. By written agreement, the parties may decide to enter into formal mediation proceedings to resolve a dispute. Nothing in this paragraph shall limit either party’s ability to file a claim in a court of law regarding a dispute.
Methods and Procedures. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx shall not be responsible for the means, methods, techniques, sequences, or procedures of construction selected by the Client, or the safety precautions and safety programs incidental to the work of the Client. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx shall not be responsible for the job safety or site safety of the Project and shall not be responsible for compliance with safety programs and related OSHA or MIOSHA regulations required to be followed by the Contractor or its employees, subcontractors and agents. Jobsite safety shall be the sole responsibility of the Client and their contractor. Similarly, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx shall not be liable for the actions or inactions of the Client’s contractor(s).
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Methods and Procedures. The Parties may adopt long-term methods and procedures and the Coordinating Group may adopt annual methods and procedures as provided in subparagraph 5(a)(1)(E), Annual Methods and Procedures, to implement or revise this Agreement. The long-term methods and procedures shall be as set out in Exhibit B, Long-Term Methods and Procedures, and the annual methods and procedures shall be as set out in Exhibit C, Annual Methods and Procedures. Methods and procedures pertaining to coordinated planning pursuant to this Agreement shall be hereafter referred to in this Agreement as “methods,” and methods and procedures pertaining to coordinated operations pursuant to this Agreement shall be hereafter referred to in this Agreement as “procedures.”
Methods and Procedures. The methods and procedures which shall be followed by the County, City, and the Tax Collector to implement this undertaking shall be as follows:
Methods and Procedures. Finance department to liaise with IPS when necessary in order to provide the above services * Provided directly to IPS staff in conjunction with services provided to all staff # Provided directly to IPS in conjunction with services provided to all departments + Shared provision of general Finance activities Policy Application (Policies that apply both to ILEX and IPS): Staff expenses policy Charge: To be assessed on figures per 2010 Financial Budget SLA Manager: Director of Finance and Resources SCHEDULE 3 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Service Specification
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