THE RELATIONSHIP. 2.1. These Terms set out the basis on which We accept Applications from You and govern the provision and use of the Services. These Terms supersede any previously issued terms of business between Us and You.
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THE RELATIONSHIP. Unless the parties otherwise agree in writing, this Agreement applies during and to Recipient’s service relationship with the Company, whether as an employee, independent contractor, advisor or otherwise (collectively, the “Relationship”). Recipient understands that during the Relationship, the Company intends to provide Recipient with information, including Company Confidential Information (as defined below), without which Recipient would not be able to perform Recipient’s duties to the Company. Recipient acknowledges that the Company is relying on Recipient’s execution and delivery of this Agreement as an inducement to establish and/or maintain the Relationship, and that without this Agreement the Company would not continue with a Relationship with Recipient. The services to be rendered to the Company during the Relationship are referred to as the “Services.” Any rights of Recipient to monetary or other compensation in connection with the Services constitute further consideration for Recipient’s obligations under this Agreement. Recipient acknowledges that Recipient’s obligations under this Agreement survive a termination of the Relationship.
THE RELATIONSHIP. 2.1 This Agreement sets out the basis on which We accept Applications from You and governs the provision and use of the Services. It supersedes any previously issued terms of business between Us and You.
THE RELATIONSHIP. The Council is committed to working in partnership with The Maltings in order to give the best possible cultural Service to the citizens of Waverley. The Council aims to create a climate of co-operation in which The Maltings can develop and make real contributions to improving the quality of the The Maltings Outreach. The Council recognises and wishes The Maltings to recognise that it shares an interest in delivering the specified Service to the required quality. To this end the Council and The Maltings shall combine joint ideas and expertise in order to provide a quality Service, to the Service Users.
THE RELATIONSHIP.  A relationship of trust, confidence, or authority must exist between the parties to the contract.  It is presumed to exist with contracts between attorney and client, husband and wife, parent and child, guardian and xxxx, physician and patient, or minister and congregation member.
THE RELATIONSHIP. Nothing herein contained shall constitute the Parties as partners or co-venturers or render either Party liable for the debts or liabilities of the other Party.
THE RELATIONSHIP. The Supplier shall supply the goods to the Client pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, the provisions of the Order, the provisions of Israeli law, and the provisions and procedures of the relevant competent bodies. In return for fulfillment of all the Supplier’s obligations under this Agreement, the Client shall pay the Supplier the price stated in the Order.
THE RELATIONSHIP. To induce us to perform that which is required of us pursuant to this AGREEMENT and to secure your prompt, punctual and faithful performance and all and each of your obligations pursuant to this AGREEMENT, you hereby assign and pledge to us each SALES DRAFT now or hereafter presented to us and the proceeds thereof including, without limitation, any and all sums held by us in the RESERVE ACCOUNT. In consideration thereof, pursuant to the terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT, we agree to facilitate the funds transfer between the various CARD ORGANIZATIONS and you for Telephone, Mail and Store CARD SALES you make to your CARDHOLDER customers in accordance with the terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT.
THE RELATIONSHIP. We agree to communicate if either party feels that they would like to make changes to how the relationship works. Any changes must be in writing and agreed to by both parties. Our Community House will use reasonable endeavours to provide the Services to the best of our ability. If we are not meeting your expectations, please let us know so that we can find a way of addressing this. This relationship is between You and Us. It is built on respect, trust and understanding. You cannot assign your membership or use of your desk, office space or any Space to someone else without us agreeing to it first. If Our Community House is unhappy with your response to a request proposed in accordance with clauses 3.1, and this difference cannot be resolved within a reasonable time period, Our Community House may end the Licence in accordance with clause 7. Using the Space We ask that you use the Space in a respectful way and: not use the Space for any illegal or noxious purpose; not deface any walls of the Space; not smoke or permit smoking in the building; maintain the Space in good condition (fair wear and tear excepted); fair use of the Space is expected. You are expected to register all visitors in the Our Community House membership portal (Office RnD). This is so we can warmly welcome your visitors to the space and for our own records. Visitors are welcome in meeting rooms and your offices. If your vistors would like to work from the Space for the day, please let us know. Fair use is expected with respect to all public areas, common areas and shared spaces.
THE RELATIONSHIP. The nature of the relationship between Detailed Solutions™ and you will be that of independent contractors for all purposes and in no event will any person employed by you be held or construed to be employees of Detailed Solutions™. Specifically, Detailed Solutions™ is not a member of any partnership, joint venture or franchise arrangement with you.