Section 9.9 Sample Clauses

Section 9.9. 38 The District may publicize within the bargaining unit and outside the bargaining unit concurrently, 39 unless the position is being offered “in-house” only. A copy of the job posting shall be forwarded to 40 the President of the Association and to the Association representative of the classification concerned 41 within five (5) workdays. During any schedule break, when an opening occurs, a copy of the job 42 posting shall be forwarded to each employee electronically (employees shall provide the District with 43 their home email), unless employees notify the District Office in writing prior to the last day of the 44 school year to have postings mailed to them. The decision of the District to hire or not hire an 45 employee that is not within classification for the posted position is not grievable.
Section 9.9. 36 The District shall publicize within the bargaining unit for seven (7) calendar days the availability of 37 open positions as soon as possible after the District is apprised of the opening. A copy of the job 38 posting shall be forwarded to the President of the Union. 39
Section 9.9. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
Section 9.9. 27 Employees on unpaid leave are not eligible for District paid insurance contributions but may be 28 continued at employee expense subject to insurance company regulations. This section is subject to, 29 and the District will comply with, the Family and Medical Leave Act provisions regarding the 30 continuation of benefits, as now or hereafter amended.
Section 9.9. 34 An employee on layoff status who rejects an offer of reemployment forfeits seniority and all other 35 accrued benefits; provided, that such employee is offered a position substantially equal to that held 36 prior to layoff. 37 38 39 40 A R T I C L E X 41 42 DISCIPLINE AND DISCHARGE OF EMPLOYEES 43 44 Section 10.1. 45 Every employee covered by this Agreement shall be subject to discipline or discharge based upon just 46 cause. The Employer shall utilize progressive discipline, which may include:
Section 9.9. For purposes of the Agreement, Section 9.9 shall be deleted and replaced in its entirety with:
Section 9.9. 30 In the event the state auditor or a court of competent jurisdiction rules any leave provisions contained 31 in this article to be contrary to law or regulation, the leave provisions shall thereupon be determined 32 null and void and all necessary adjustments shall be made by the District and the Association to 33 conform to law or regulation as determined by the auditor or court of competent jurisdiction.
Section 9.9. An employee on layoff status who rejects an offer of reemployment forfeits seniority and all 16 other accrued benefits; provided, that such employee is offered a position in the same category which is at 17 least seventy-five percent (75%) equal in hours, pay, and benefits to that held prior to layoff.
Section 9.9. 35 The District shall publicize for five (5) working days the availability of new and open positions. All 36 new positions of forty-five (45) minutes or more per shift will be posted. This is exclusive of Section 37 9.15. The Association will be notified of new and open positions via an email sent to all staff on the 38 day a position is opened. 39
Section 9.9. 33 In the event of layoff, employees so affected are to be placed on a re-employment list maintained by 34 the District according to layoff ranking by job classification. Such employees will be considered for 35 an opening in the classification held immediately prior to layoff consistent with Section 9.6 above. 36 Names will remain on the re-employment list for two (2) years.