IT IS AGREED THAT Sample Clauses

IT IS AGREED THAT l) When it is known that programs or services will be transferred, consolidated, merged, or amalgamated, the Employers shall determine the number of staff required by classification.
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IT IS AGREED THAT. Venue, date & time
IT IS AGREED THAT. 1. The Park will provide certain facilities at the prices set out in the attached Schedule “B”.
IT IS AGREED THAT. 1. The Resident will have the right to occupy and use a fully-furnished bedroom and have use of the communal areas, in the Brendoncare Home known as ……………………………………….. (‘the Home’) from [insert start date]. Care
IT IS AGREED THAT. 1.1 With effect from the date of this agreement, the Adviser appoints the Introducer as an introducer of regulated and non-regulated mortgage business only.
IT IS AGREED THAT. A. The Representative shall be an Authorised Representative of the Licensee subject to, and in accordance with, the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement, the Authorisation issued by Licensee and the requirements of the Applicable Laws.
IT IS AGREED THAT. 1. The Client engages the Firm to act in respect of facilitating a regulated mortgage for them in relation to residential freehold or leasehold property.
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IT IS AGREED THAT. 1. The Contractor has been engaged under the terms of this Agreement to provide freelance individual and group personal fitness training services (the Services) including Boot Camps Shadow Sessions and Personal Training sessions and any other such fitness training sessions to the Company as may be required, using reasonable care and skill and in accordance with the requirements and to the standards reasonably required by the Company and to the satisfaction of the Company’s clients. The Company shall not be entitled and will not seek to supervise, direct or control the Contractor in the manner of execution of the Services except in the provision of a loose structure which the Contractor may follow.
IT IS AGREED THAT. 1. The Park will provide certain facilities at the prices set out in the attached Rate Sheet.
IT IS AGREED THAT. 1.1. This Form of Agreement (Part 1) together with the attached Parts II to V inclusive are the documents which collectively form “the Contract”. Part I This Form of Agreement Part II The Invitation to Tender Part III The Tender Part IV The Post Tender Correspondence at Annex I Part V The IT specification for the communication of test results Part VI Price schedule at Annex II Part VII DEFRA’s Standard Conditions of Contract for Services (June 2001) at Annex III
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