The Promotion Sample Clauses

The Promotion. 2.1 You are eligible to participate in the Promotion if you meet the following conditions:
The Promotion. To help expand your business in Europe, Amazon is offering you the possibility to take advantage of two separate benefits as part of a single promotion. These benefits are: • Free VAT registration and in total 2 years of filings through VAT Services on Amazon. • Translation of eligible offers in your catalogue on the Swedish Amazon store (xxxxxx.xx) into the German Amazon store (xxxxxx.xx). • A one-time Sponsored Products credit disbursement up to 1800 SEK • 80% discount on FBA inbound shipment fees with the Partner Carrier Program with UPS The incentives above are independent from one another and you can sign up and take advantage of these benefits individually. In addition to enrolling in this Promotion, please note that you need to register separately for VAT Services on Amazon and the translation service (see below). To take advantage of any of the benefits you would need to enrol in FBA and create at least one FBA buyable offer in your home store xxxxxx.xx as per timelines specified below. Additional details for each of the benefits are below.
The Promotion. 3.1. The receipt of financial support from the Sponsor shall impose no obligation upon AU to promote or otherwise encourage the recommen- dation of the Sponsor or its affiliates.
The Promotion. 3.1 The goal of the Promotion is to market and promote travel in Mexico (“Territory”). The Promotion will utilise funds and/or media assets from CUSTOMER and PriceTravel Holding in a collaborative method to produce an integrated Promotion that inspires consumers to book travel to ORLANDO,
The Promotion 

Related to The Promotion

  • Promotion Employees who are promoted during the life of this Agreement shall be granted a salary increase of at least one (1) step or shall be paid at the minimum of the higher range, whichever is greater.

  • Sales Promotion Promote and use its reasonable endeavours to increase sales of the Supplier/ Principal ATOL holder's Travel Arrangements to existing and potential clients;

  • Marketing and Promotion The School will be responsible for marketing and promoting the Sports Facilities in accordance with the agreed aims and targets. A marketing strategy will be prepared and implemented and reviewed on an annual basis.

  • Sales Promotions In addition to decreasing prices for the balance of the Contract term due to a change in market conditions, the Contractor may conduct sales promotions involving price reductions for a specified lesser period. The Contractor must submit documentation identifying the proposed: (1) starting and ending dates of the promotion, (2) commodities or contractual services involved, and (3) promotional prices compared to then-authorized prices.

  • Advertising and Promotion Al. ARTIST is to receive 100% star billing on all publicity releases and paid advertisement including - without limitations - programs, electronic media, flyers, signage, newspaper advertisements, marquees, tickets, radio spots, TV spots, etc. unless otherwise authorized in writing by PRODUCER. Billing on all advertising and publicity materials must appear as follows: BUIKA (100% Headline Billing) A2. PURCHASER agrees to use only artwork, ad mats, photos and/or promotional materials provided or approved by PRODUCER. Publicity photos, bios and other assets can be downloaded from PURCHASER shall supply all publicity and marketing materials to PRODUCER for review and approval prior to PURCHASER’s print deadlines and/or online launches.

  • Promotions A regular employee promoted to a job with a higher wage rate structure shall receive in the new job the increment rate that is immediately higher than her/his wage rate immediately prior to the promotion. For increment progression, the employee’s increment anniversary date shall then become the initial day in the new job. Employee pay rates shall become effective from the first day in the new job and further increment increases shall become effective on the established increment date. However, should the promotion at any time result in a lesser rate of pay than the employee would have received if the promotion had not occurred, then the employee shall retain the increment anniversary date of her/his prior job.

  • Commercialization Intrexon shall have the right to develop and Commercialize the Reverted Products itself or with one or more Third Parties, and shall have the right, without obligation to Fibrocell, to take any such actions in connection with such activities as Intrexon (or its designee), at its discretion, deems appropriate.

  • Promotional Material In the event that the Fund or the Investment Adviser makes available any promotional materials related to the Securities or the transactions contemplated hereby intended for use only by registered broker-dealers and registered representatives thereof by means of an Internet web site or similar electronic means, the Investment Adviser will install and maintain or will cause to be installed and maintained, pre-qualification and password-protection or similar procedures which are reasonably designed to effectively prohibit access to such promotional materials by persons other than registered broker-dealers and registered representatives thereof.