The Recipient definition

The Recipient means the Minister or other person to whom the fee is payable.
The Recipient. To the Recipient at the address on the signature page of this Agreement The Company: The Best One, Inc. 0000 X. Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxx Xxxxx, XX 00000 Attention: Chief Executive Officer with a copy to: Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx, Esq. Nason, Yeager, Gerson, White & Xxxxx, P.A. 0000 Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxx 0000 Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00000 or to such other address as either of them, by notice to the other may designate from time to time.
The Recipient means the person acquiring the shares or obtaining the option; and 10

Examples of The Recipient in a sentence

  • The recipient of the certificate should retain possession of the top copy at all times while the work detailed on the certificate is carried out.

  • The recipient shall open a margin account at the credit Grantor and deposit the margin required by the credit Grantor into the margin account, The deposit amount and the margin account information shall be agreed upon by the single credit extension document.

  • The recipient will receive a pre-notification of the incoming consignment.

  • The recipient shall open a fund withdrawal account in the name of the account, and the recipient shall enter the account.

  • The recipient continues to complete a full-time program during each of the two semesters (fall and spring) in each consecutive year.b. The recipient maintains, in each semester, a grade point average of 2.75c.

More Definitions of The Recipient

The Recipient means [insert name] receiving the Grant and responsible for Services to deliver the Purpose and outcomes and Service Levels agreed with the PCC “The Recipient”. The Services are those undertaken by the Recipient to deliver the Purpose and outcomes agreed. The Service Level is the service that is commissioned by the PCC and which is detailed in Schedule 2 TERMS AND CONDITIONS
The Recipient means the local authority in receipt of the Grant.
The Recipient means the receiving Party.
The Recipient. : means [insert name of organisation];
The Recipient or "The Consignee" means the person whose name is listed on the Domestic Shipping Document as the recipient
The Recipient or "The Consignee" means the person whose name is listed on the (Air) Waybill as the recipient.
The Recipient the University: [name] [address] [Phone] [Email] [name] [address] [Phone] [Email] [Innovation Vouchers: The Recipient will fully pay on completion/ delivery of the project] [The Recipient will pay 50% at the start of the project and 50% on completion or delivery.]