Subject Matter Sample Clauses

Subject Matter. The Contractor shall provide information technology services in the category(s) described in Attachment A. Detailed services to be provided by the Contractor will be described in subsequent Statement of Work (SOW) Agreements with Contracting Agencies (as defined herein), according to the process set forth in Attachment A.
Subject Matter. The subject matter of this Procurement Grant Agreement is to administer the Blueprint for Health in the Lamoille County Health Service Area. Detailed services to be provided by the Grantee are described in Attachment A.
Subject Matter. The subject matter of this Agreement is services relating to Reseller’s fulfillment of Purchase Orders in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the State’s Participating Addendum No. 30103 with Dell Marketing LP (hereinafter the “participating Addendum”) and the Minnesota NASPO ValuePoint (formerly, WSCA-NASPO) State Cooperative Contract Number MNWNC-108 for Computer Equipment, Peripherals & Related Services (Bands 1,2,3,4 & 5), HEREINAFTER the “Master Agreement”. This Agreement shall constitute the requisite written approval of the State for Reseller to perform as a subcontractor under the above Participating Addendum.
Subject Matter. This Addendum reflects the Partiescommitment to abide by Applicable Data Protection Laws concerning the Processing of Customer Personal Data in connection with Ironclad’s execution of the Agreement. All capitalized terms that are not expressly defined in this Data Processing Addendum will have the meanings given to them in the Agreement. If and to the extent language in this Addendum or any of its Exhibits conflicts with the Agreement, this Addendum shall control.
Subject Matter. 3.1 This License Agreement concerns the grant to the Publisher of an exclusive license to produce, publish and distribute the Manuscript and any subsequent version under a Creative Commons license, while the relevant copyright is retained by the Authors.
Subject Matter. This Data Processing Addendum sets out the framework for the protection of Shared Personal Data for the Purposes noted in this section and defines the principles and procedures that the Parties shall adhere to and the responsibilities the Parties owe to each other. The Parties collectively acknowledge and agree that Processing necessitated by the Purpose(s) is to be performed at different stages, or at times even simultaneously by the Parties. Thus, this Data Processing Addendum is required to ensure that where Shared Personal Data may be Processed, it is done so at all times in compliance with the requirements of Applicable Laws.