Satisfactory completion of definition

Satisfactory completion of a course means that the student has earned a letter grade of A, B, C, P. All prerequisite courses at MJC must be satisfactorily completed with a C or better grade.

Examples of Satisfactory completion of in a sentence

  • Satisfactory completion of a pre-loan closing compliance audit conducted by Florida Housing or Servicer, if applicable.

  • Satisfactory completion of a pre-loan closing compliance audit conducted by FHFC or Servicer, if applicable.

  • Satisfactory completion of a pre‐loan closing compliance audit conducted by Florida Housing or its Servicer, if applicable.

  • Satisfactory completion of training shall be demonstrated by an examination or by workplace assessment.

  • Satisfactory completion of training shall be demonstrated by an examination or by workplace assessment carried out by the organisation.

  • Satisfactory completion of a one-year trial period may also be required.

  • Satisfactory completion of a pre-loan closing compliance audit conducted by Florida Housing or its Servicer, if applicable.

  • Satisfactory completion of three courses designated as Writing Intensive, at least one of which is in the student’s major.

  • Satisfactory completion of specified stipulations may be required for readmission at the end of the suspension period.

  • Satisfactory completion of all degree requirements as specified in the Catalog for the student’s degree program.

Related to Satisfactory completion of

  • Study Completion means the database for the Study has been locked and all Essential Documents have been provided to the Sponsor, including a copy of the letter from the Reviewing HREC acknowledging receipt of the final report and/or closure letter from the Principal Investigator.

  • Substantial Completion means the stage in the progress of the work as determined and certified by the Contracting Officer in writing to the Contractor, on which the work (or a portion designated by the Government) is sufficiently complete and satisfactory. Substantial completion means that the property may be occupied or used for the purpose for which it is intended, and only minor items such as touch-up, adjustments, and minor replacements or installations remain to be completed or corrected which:

  • Construction Completion means physical construction of a cleanup action component is complete.

  • Final Completion means the date determined and certified by A/E and Owner on which the Work is fully and satisfactorily complete in accordance with the Contract.

  • Improvement completion assurance means a surety bond, letter of credit,

  • Satisfactory Progress means that the Applicant, including any Person with an ownership interest in the Applicant or Development Team member, has presented evidence, satisfactory to ADOH, that each Project for which the Applicant has received a Determination of Qualification, Reservation, or Allocation in Arizona or any other state, has been Placed in Service on time or otherwise is progressing without unreasonable delay through the various phases of development, i.e., financing, permitting, construction, certificate of occupancy, and rehabilitation.

  • Mechanical Completion means that (a) all components and systems of the Project have been properly constructed, installed and functionally tested according to EPC Contract requirements in a safe and prudent manner that does not void any equipment or system warranties or violate any permits, approvals or Laws; (b) the Project is ready for testing and commissioning, as applicable; (c) Seller has provided written acceptance to the EPC Contractor of mechanical completion as that term is specifically defined in the EPC Contract.

  • Project Completion means the date, as determined by the Division after consultation with the Recipient, that operation of the Project is initiated or is capable of being initiated, whichever comes first.

  • Construction Completion Date means five (5) years from the date of this Agreement unless otherwise specified in writing by the Manager, Urban Development;

  • Satisfactory academic progress (SAP) means earning at least six (6) non- remedial semester hours per semester if attempted hours are at least six (6) but less than twelve (12) semester hours or earning at least twelve (12) non-remedial semester hours per semester if twelve (12) or more semester hours are attempted and any other criteria as established by the eligible institution.

  • Virtual Completion means the premise is in the opinion of the Employer fit for occupation.

  • Construction Completion Certificate means a document:

  • Substantial Completion Date means the required date for Substantial Completion of the Project. The Substantial Completion Date can be adjusted only by written Change Order.

  • Phase 1 means the time period beginning upon the date this Change Order is executed and ending on the date a Facility is turned over to Owner.

  • Phase 2 means the time period beginning the date a Facility is turned over to Owner and ending on the date of Substantial Completion of Subproject 1.

  • Practical Completion means that stage in the execution of a Capital Firm Scheme when the Works have been completed in accordance with the terms of the relevant Building Contract and/or the terms of this Agreement such that the RSAP Dwellings comprised within the Capital Firm Scheme are fit for beneficial occupation as a residential development in accordance with applicable NHBC, LABC or equivalent requirements current at the date of inspection subject only to the existence of minor defects and/or minor omissions at the time of inspection which are capable of being made good or carried out without materially interfering with the beneficial use and enjoyment of the Capital Firm Scheme and which would be reasonable to include in a snagging list, and Practically Complete shall be construed accordingly;

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment or “ESIA” means a site-specific report, to be prepared in accordance with the parameters laid down in the ESMF (as hereinafter defined) and acceptable to the Association, identifying and assessing the potential environmental and social impacts of the activities to be undertaken for the Project, evaluating alternatives, and designing appropriate mitigation, management, and monitoring measures.

  • Project Architect means the architect retained by Lessee to design and supervise construction of the Improvements.

  • Substantial compliance means a level of compliance with the requirements of participation such that any identified deficiencies pose no greater risk to resident health or safety than the potential for causing minimal harm.

  • Substantial Completion Certificate means the certificate issued and approved by the Authority indicating the date upon which the Trade Contractor Work (or a designated portion thereof) is Substantially Complete.

  • Interconnection Feasibility Study means either a Generation Interconnection Feasibility Study or Transmission Interconnection Feasibility Study.

  • Demonstration project means one of the following projects:

  • Tests after Completion means the tests (if any) which are specified in the Contract and which are carried out in accordance with the Specification after the Works or a Section (as the case may be) are taken over by the Procuring Entity.

  • Final Completion Certificate has the meaning set forth in Section 11.6.

  • Final completion and acceptance means the stage in the progress of the work as determined by the Contracting Officer and confirmed in writing to the Contractor, at which all work required under the contract has been completed in a satisfactory manner, subject to the discovery of defects after final completion, and except for items specifically excluded in the notice of final acceptance.

  • Project Completion Date means the date on which the Provisional Certificate is issued and, in the event, no Provisional Certificate is issued, the date on which the Completion Certificate is issued;