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A Grade. One caretaker (and/or a custodian) is a worker who is substantially employed to have the responsibility for the safety and good order of the grounds and buildings and to lock and unlock doors; and who may be required to perform and supervise duties of cleaning, attending to fires, heating plant and swimming pools, and to do minor maintenance but not work required to be undertaken by a registered or qualified tradesperson.
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A Grade. Two caretaker is a worker appointed by the employer who may be employed to have the responsibility for the safety and good order of the grounds and buildings and to lock and unlock doors; and who may be required to perform and supervise duties of cleaning, attending to fires, heating plant, and swimming pools. In addition to the duties above, the Grade 2 caretaker shall undertake (and shall be available and have the necessary skills to undertake) school maintenance work (in addition to minor maintenance work) which he/she is legally able to undertake and which would normally be undertaken by a registered or qualified tradesperson.
A Grade. 2 Medical Laboratory Technician position will require an Associate Diploma or equivalent* with relevant work skills and experience commensurate with the requirements of the position. In addition to the requirements of the MLT Grade 1 position, the Grade 2 position requires: • Considerable proficiency in work performance and skills; • Responsibilities of the role mean that decisions and actions taken may be of significance to the operations of the laboratory or Department; • Technical knowledge which requires an understanding of underlying testing principles; • Ability to solve problems using standard procedures or guidelines through the application of technical knowledge; and either: • Supervision of other Medical Laboratory Technicians and/or Laboratory Assistants as directed; and/ or • Application of knowledge by being able to provide training and understanding to other laboratory staff. Provided always that medical laboratory technicians shall work within the scope of Medical Laboratory Technician competency standards as set by the Australian National Training Authority; *Medical Laboratory Technicians without an Associate Diploma, who gained a recognised certificate qualification prior to the introduction of the Associate Diploma course, may be eligible for this grade.
A Grade. 1A Employee appointed as a leading hand on Saturday and/or Sunday will be paid an allowance of $5.00 per hour for the amount of hours the Employee is appointed as a leading hand. The Operations Supervisor or another person nominated by the Operation Supervisor will determine the appointment of leading hand and the nominated hours. Additionally, the duties of a Grade 1A Employee when appointed as leading hand is responsible for ensuring security of the site, immediately informing senior management of any OH&S and environmental incidents and direction of landfill Employees. Appropriate training will be provided to ensure that all Grade 1A Employees have the required competencies to undertake the role of leading hand. All Grade 1A Employees are expected to undertake this training,
A Grade. 1 position is described as follows:
A Grade. 1 Employee is an Employee who:

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  • Voice Grade Either an analog signal of 300 to 3000 Hz or a digital signal of 56/64 kilobits per second. When referring to digital Voice Grade service (a 56-64 kbps channel), the terms "DS0" or "sub-DS1" may also be used.

  • BBB SCDHEC shall mean the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and its authorized representatives. CCC. Statement of Basis shall mean the report(s) describing the corrective measure(s)/remedial action(s) being con ducted pursuant to South Carolina Hazardous Waste Management Regulations, as amended.

  • No Ratings There are no securities or preferred stock of or guaranteed by the Company or any of its subsidiaries that are rated by a “nationally recognized statistical rating organization,” as such term is defined under Section 3(a)(62) under the 1934 Act.

  • PRIORITY RATING If so identified, this Contract is a "rated order" certified for national defense, emergency preparedness, and energy program use, and SELLER shall follow all the requirements of the Defense Priorities and Allocation System Regulation (15 C.F.R. Part 700).

  • Debt Rating The Liquidity Provider has a short-term debt ratings of “P-1” from Xxxxx’x and “F1+” from Fitch.

  • Rating The Notes can be issued without the requirement that they have any rating from a nationally recognized statistical rating organization.

  • Ratings No “nationally recognized statistical rating organization” as such term is defined for purposes of Rule 436(g)(2) (i) has imposed (or has informed the Company that it is considering imposing) any condition (financial or otherwise) on the Company’s retaining any rating assigned to the Company or any securities of the Company or (ii) has indicated to the Company that it is considering any of the actions described in Section 7(c)(ii) hereof.

  • Insurance Carrier Rating Coverages provided by Contractor must be underwritten by an insurance company deemed acceptable to the State of Washington’s Office of Risk Management. Insurance coverage shall be provided by companies authorized to do business within the State of Washington and rated A- Class VII or better in the most recently published edition of Best’s Insurance Rating. Enterprise Services reserves the right to reject all or any insurance carrier(s) with an unacceptable financial rating.

  • Debt Ratings Prompt notice of any change in its Debt Ratings.

  • Required Ratings The Offered Certificates shall have received Required Ratings of at least [ ] from [ ].

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