Designated Representative definition

Designated Representative means a responsible natural person authorized by the owners and operators of an affected source and of all affected units at the source, as evidenced by a certificate of representation submitted in accordance with Subpart B of 40 CFR part 72, to represent and legally bind each owner and operator, as a matter of federal law, in matters pertaining to the Acid Rain Program. Whenever the term "responsible person" is used in this Title, it shall be deemed to refer to the "designated representative" with regard to all matters under the Acid Rain Program.
Designated Representative means any of the following:
Designated Representative has the meaning set forth in Section 6(j)(v) of this Agreement.

Examples of Designated Representative in a sentence

  • The District Designated Representative may approve other hours when deemed necessary to accomplish the specified work.

  • Example: $12,000 Annual Cost / 120 Contract Days = $100 per Contract Day Vendors shall complete contract audit sheets provided by the District Designated Representative to verify hours worked from sign in sheets.

  • All chemicals utilized in performance of this contract shall meet with the approval of the District Designated Representative and shall be in accordance with the rules of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Vendor of record shall have a regular, ongoing inspection program for services provided and shall furnish the District Designated Representative with copies of inspection reports and follow-up for deficiency corrections.

  • Vendor shall notify the District Designated Representative of staff absences and contingency plan not less than one (1) hour prior to start of regular work time.

More Definitions of Designated Representative

Designated Representative means an individual, designated by a Participant or an Authorized Trader pursuant to Rule 309, with authority to act on behalf of such Participant or Authorized Trader, as applicable.
Designated Representative means a person 18 years of age or over who is named by an employee for the purpose of caring for, escorting, or receiving monetary payments on behalf of a dependent.
Designated Representative means any individual or organization to whom an employee gives written authorization to exercise such employee's rights under this section. A recognized or certified collective bargaining agent shall be treated automatically as a designated representative without regard to written employee authorization.
Designated Representative means a substitute(s) for a title or role, e.g. Contract Manager, when the primary is not available.
Designated Representative means in the case of DWR and CDFW the official representative designated by the Governor to act on his behalf, and in the case of the SWP/CVP contractors the official representative designated by an elected board of directors to act on their behalf.
Designated Representative means a partner authorised by resolution of the partners of a partnership (that is not a body corporate) or a member of a governing body authorised by the governing body of an un-incorporated association to represent it;
Designated Representative means an individual who is authorized to act on behalf of the designated beneficiary if the designated beneficiary is a minor or has a guardian, conservator, or other fiduciary who has been appointed for purposes of managing that designated beneficiary's financial affairs.