JOB PERFORMANCE. A. Pre-inspection of the bus – Daily completes the pre-check inspection as required by the District using the transportation check forms and turns them in bi-weekly.
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JOB PERFORMANCE. (a) When an employee's job performance demonstrates the existence of a problem, the employee's supervisor in consultation with the appropriate Coordinator/Director, shall discuss the employee's performance in detail with the employee privately and/or in conjunction with a Union representative.
JOB PERFORMANCE how well has he performed in his job(s)? (review by supervisors)
JOB PERFORMANCE a. Teleworkers are expected to complete all assigned work according to procedures mutually agreed upon by the employee and the supervisor, and in accordance with the employee’s position description and performance plan.
JOB PERFORMANCE. Satis- Condi- Unsatis- Not factory tional factory Applicable A. Anticipating Work
JOB PERFORMANCE. The Brotherhood agrees that the members covered by this Agreement shall individually and collectively perform their work in accordance with the safety, engineering and construction procedures and instructions as directed by the Company. The Company agrees that its supervisors shall direct work to be done in accordance with its safety rules and regulations.
JOB PERFORMANCE. An employee who receives a formal written assessment of his or her job performance shall have the right to add comments which shall form part of the formal assessment. An employee has the right to request an annual formal assessment of his or her job performance. Such a request shall be made in writing to the employee’s manager who will provide the written assessment to the employee as soon as is reasonably possible but no later than two (2) months from the date the request was made.
JOB PERFORMANCE. The amount of regularly produced work consistent with job expectations.  In some respects, below job requirements  Satisfies job requirements  More than satisfies job requirements Specific Instances of #1: Suggestions for Improvement:
JOB PERFORMANCE. An Extension Lecturer’s less than satisfactory job performance may be 2 just cause for discipline, up to and including dismissal, without necessarily involving any act of 3 wrongful misconduct. Formal discipline based on job performance shall be preceded by a 4 performance improvement plan or similar documented effort to help the Extension Lecturer 5 improve performance.
JOB PERFORMANCE. (i) Pursuant to Section 1250 of the Revised School Code, the Superintendent’s job performance and job accomplishments shall be a significant factor in determining compensation and additional compensation. Accordingly, annual performance-based pay $2,000 per contract year (July 1-June 30) may be earned during each year of this Contract and paid prior to the last paycheck in June of the contract year in which it was earned provided the Superintendent received a rating “Effective” or “Highly Effective” on his annual evaluation by the Board for that contract year.