Either of the Parties Sample Clauses

Either of the Parties who believes that the economic-financial balance of the Contract has been affected may request the restoration thereof when the percentage established in Clause 15.6 has been reached, sending a written proposal to the other Party with sufficient support for the solutions and procedures to be followed for its restoration. The copy of the request shall be submitted to the OSINERGMIN, so that it may issue a technical/economic opinion regarding the request within twenty (20) Days, which shall then be evaluated by the GRANTOR, without said opinion be binding upon it. The Party receiving the request shall respond to it within thirty (30) Days. In the event any objections are raised, they shall be absolved within a term not to exceed thirty (30) Days after receipt of the notice, and the pronouncement shall be communicated within the following thirty
Either of the Parties may terminate this term sheet at any time after the Locking Period without assigning any reason whatsoever upon 90 days written notice to ISP / Franchisee.
Either of the Parties may terminate the Contract as of right, without prejudice to the exercise of its other rights and remedies, in the following cases: - Suspension pursuant to Article 20.1 for more than three (3) consecutive months starting from the date ofnotification by Xxxxxxxxx; - If an event of force majeure occurs that is of such a nature as to delay the performance of the Contract by more than three (3) months, without further formality other than the dispatch to the other Party of registered letter with acknowledgementofreceipt; or - The other Party fails in any of its obligations under the Contract and shall not have remedied this default within fifteen (15) days following receipt of a notification sent byregisteredletterwith acknowledgementofreceiptfromthenon-defaultingParty.
Either of the Parties may withdraw from the Contract if the other Party breaches the Contract and in spite of a written notification of the breach of the Contract fails to discontinue the breach hereof or to remove the consequences thereof. That shall be without prejudice to the right of the Member to terminate this Contract if he detects any breach of the PRO obligations according to the Act on Waste. The PRO may withdraw from this Contract also for the reasons for which it would not have to, according to the Act on Waste, enter into a contract on the fulfilment of reserved obligations with the Member.

Related to Either of the Parties

  • Intent of the Parties Except as provided in the next sentence, the sole procedure to resolve any claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement is the dispute resolution procedure set forth in this Article Twelve. The lone exception to the foregoing is that either Party may seek an injunction in Superior Court in San Francisco, California if such action is necessary to prevent irreparable harm, in which case both Parties nonetheless will continue to pursue resolution of all other aspects of the dispute by means of this procedure.

  • AGREEMENT OF THE PARTIES The language used in this Agreement will be deemed to be the language chosen by the parties hereto to express their mutual intent, and no rule of strict construction will be applied against any party hereto. Neither Executive nor the Company shall be entitled to any presumption in connection with any determination made hereunder in connection with any arbitration, judicial or administrative proceeding relating to or arising under this Agreement.

  • Role of the Parties Taboola acknowledges that Publisher is a Controller of Personal Data relating to its Visitors. Publisher acknowledges that Taboola shall also be an independent Controller of Personal Data that it processes about Visitors to provide its Services (both to Publisher and to Taboola’s other publishers). In no event shall the Parties process Personal Data that they each collect about Visitors as joint Controllers.

  • Cooperation of the Parties At the reasonable request of the responsible (as provided for in this Article 5) Party, the other Party agrees to cooperate fully in the preparation, filing, prosecution, enforcement and maintenance of any Program Patents under this Agreement. Such cooperation includes executing all papers and instruments (or causing its personnel to do so) reasonably useful to enable the other Party to apply for and to prosecute patent applications in any country; and promptly informing the other Party of any matters coming to such Party’s attention that may affect the preparation, filing, prosecution, enforcement or maintenance of any such Patents.

  • Roles of the Parties The parties acknowledge and agree that with regard to the Processing of Personal Data, Client is the Data Controller, Provider is a Data Processor and that Provider will engage Sub-processors pursuant to the requirements set forth in Section 5 “Sub-processors” below.

  • Duties of the Parties JHU is not a commercial organization. It is an institute of research and education. Therefore, JHU has no ability to evaluate the commercial potential of any PATENT RIGHTS or LICENSED PRODUCT or other license or rights granted in this Agreement. It is therefore incumbent upon Company to evaluate the rights and products in question, to examine the materials and information provided by JHU, and to determine for itself the validity of any PATENT RIGHTS, its freedom to operate, and the value of any LICENSED PRODUCTS or SERVICES or other rights granted.

  • Responsibilities of the Parties 1.5.1 The Parties shall perform all obligations of this Agreement in accordance with all Applicable Laws and Regulations, Operating Requirements, and

  • Development of the Property Except as modified by this Agreement, the Development and the Property will be developed in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations, including but not limited to the City’s ordinances and the zoning regulations applicable to the Property, and such amendments to City ordinances and regulations that that may be applied to the Development and the Property under Chapter 245, Texas Local Government Code, and good engineering practices (the “Applicable Regulations”). If there is a conflict between the Applicable Regulations and the Development Standards, the Development Standards shall control.

  • Intention of the Parties It is the intention of the parties that the Purchaser is purchasing, and the Seller is selling the Mortgage Loans and not a debt instrument of the Seller or another security. Accordingly, the parties hereto each intend to treat the transaction for Federal income tax purposes as a sale by the Seller, and a purchase by the Purchaser, of the Mortgage Loans. Moreover, the arrangement under which the Mortgage Loans are held shall be consistent with classification of such arrangement as a grantor trust in the event it is not found to represent direct ownership of the Mortgage Loans. The Purchaser shall have the right to review the Mortgage Loans and the related Mortgage Loan Files to determine the characteristics of the Mortgage Loans which shall affect the Federal income tax consequences of owning the Mortgage Loans and the Seller shall cooperate with all reasonable requests made by the Purchaser in the course of such review.

  • Agreements of the Parties (a) If the Registration Statement relating to the Shares has not yet become effective, the Fund will promptly file the Final Amendment, if not previously filed, with the Commission, and will use its best efforts to cause such Registration Statement to become effective and, as soon as the Fund is advised, will advise the Managing Representative when the Registration Statement or any amendment thereto has become effective. If the Registration Statement has become effective and the Prospectus contained therein omits certain information at the time of effectiveness pursuant to Rule 430A under the Act, the Fund will file a 430A Prospectus pursuant to Rule 497(h) under the Act as promptly as practicable, but no later than the second business day following the earlier of the date of the determination of the offering price of the Shares or the date the Prospectus is first used after the Effective Date. If the Registration Statement has become effective and the Prospectus contained therein does not so omit such information, the Fund will file a Prospectus pursuant to Rule 497(b) or (j) under the Act as promptly as practicable, but no later than the fifth business day following the date of the later of the Effective Date or the commencement of the public offering of the Shares after the Effective Date. In either case, the Fund will provide you satisfactory evidence of the filing. The Fund will not file with the Commission any Prospectus or any other amendment (except any post-effective amendment which is filed with the Commission after the later of (x) one year from the date of this Underwriting Agreement or (y) the date on which distribution of the Shares is completed) or supplement to the Registration Statement or the Prospectus unless a copy has first been submitted to the Managing Representative a reasonable time before its filing and the Managing Representative has not objected to it in writing within a reasonable time after receiving the copy.