Responding to the Sample Clauses

Responding to the. Construction Manager’s requests for information that are not prepared in accordance with the Contract Documents or where such information is available to the Construction Manager from a careful study and comparison of the Contract Documents, field conditions, other Owner-provided information, Construction Manager-prepared coordination drawings, or prior Project correspondence or documentation;
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Responding to the evolution of Peru’s artisanal longline fleet: characterising fleet mechanisation and introducing weighted swivels (Xxxx Xxxxxx & Xxxxxx Xxxxxx-Xxxxxxxx, Pro-Delphinus, Peru). Funding provided: AUD$ 20,974 Summary of activities/outcomes: • Assessment of longline fleet characteristics and mechanization in the ports of Callao (2 mechanised vessels), Chimbote (4 vessels), and Pucusana (1 vessel). • Distribution of weighted swivels to longline fishermen; 3750 swivels distributed to 13 vessels in the ports of Salaverry, Chimbote and Ilo. Additional 900 swivels were distributed in July to two vessels, one in Salaverry and one in Chimbote. • Continued monitoring by onboard observers of seabird interactions with the driftnet fleet of Salaverry - 30 driftnet fishing trips (176 sets). No WAAL were observed bycaught during the study period. • Continued monitoring by onboard observers of waved albatross abundance and distribution. • Worth noting that follow-up communications with fishermen who were provided weighted swivels (and with those contacted regarding gear mechanization) was exceedingly difficult - owners, captains and crew are constantly moving between ports and/or at sea and regularly change telephone numbers, and are frequently too busy to talk. • It will be important to continue to monitor the introduction of line pullers and mainline spools, but also to begin monitoring fishing operations by these vessels using onboard observers. Work introducing weighted swivels will also require additional years of effort Full report was submitted to the Secretariat in October 2010.

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  • Reporting to Work Employees shall be at their work sites, report-in location or headquarters location by their shift starting time. A Park Officer’s report-in location shall be one assigned park. Any employee who must begin work at some location other than his/her actual work location or headquarter county or any Park Officer who must begin work at some other location other than his/her assigned park shall be compensated according to current Department/Agency practices. Within the Department of Natural Resources Division of Watercraft, remote office locations may be authorized by Watercraft management. The Division reserves the right to designate the remote office location and will provide the equipment needed to perform authorized duties from this location. Employees in the Department of Commerce, classified as Liquor Compliance Officers, will have their residence as a starting work site. The report-in location of employees assigned to the Enforcement Unit at the Department of Public Safety, shall be twenty (20) miles from their home or the location at which they join their partner whichever is less. Employees who are on authorized travel expenses, greater than forty- five (45) miles from their home, have the option to commute. Employees who wish to commute rather than claim travel expenses may request to commute by use of a Request for Waiver of Travel Expenses form. Employees making such requests shall waive their right to the twenty

  • OBJECTING TO THE SETTLEMENT You can tell the Court that you do not agree with the Settlement or some part of it.

  • Returning to Work (a) Returning to work early

  • Other Matters Relating to the Servicer Section 8.1 Liability of the Servicer...................................61 Section 8.2 Merger or Consolidation of, or Assumption of the Obligations of, the Servicer................................61

  • RESPONDING TO REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION To the extent authorized by the Participating Consumer(s) and to the extent such individual permission is required by law, the Competitive Supplier shall, during normal business hours (as set forth above), respond promptly and without charge therefore to reasonable requests of the Town for information or explanation regarding the matters covered by this ESA and the supply of electricity to Participating Consumers. Competitive Supplier agrees to designate a service representative or representatives (the “Service Contacts”) who shall be available for these purposes, and shall identify the office address and telephone number of such representative(s). Whenever necessary to comply with this Article 5.3, the Service Contacts shall call upon other employees or agents of the Competitive Supplier to obtain such information or explanation as may be reasonably requested. Nothing in this Article 5.3 shall be interpreted as limiting the obligation of the Competitive Supplier to respond to complaints or inquiries from Participating Consumers, or to comply with any regulation of the Department or AG regarding customer service.

  • COMMUNICATIONS RELATING TO FOREIGN SECURITIES The Custodian shall transmit promptly to the Fund written information with respect to materials received by the Custodian via the Foreign Sub-Custodians from issuers of the foreign securities being held for the account of the Portfolios (including, without limitation, pendency of calls and maturities of foreign securities and expirations of rights in connection therewith). With respect to tender or exchange offers, the Custodian shall transmit promptly to the Fund written information with respect to materials so received by the Custodian from issuers of the foreign securities whose tender or exchange is sought or from the party (or its agents) making the tender or exchange offer. The Custodian shall not be liable for any untimely exercise of any tender, exchange or other right or power in connection with foreign securities or other property of the Portfolios at any time held by it unless (i) the Custodian or the respective Foreign Sub-Custodian is in actual possession of such foreign securities or property and (ii) the Custodian receives Proper Instructions with regard to the exercise of any such right or power, and both (i) and (ii) occur at least three business days prior to the date on which the Custodian is to take action to exercise such right or power.

  • Information Relating to the Portfolios (a) No person is authorized to make any representations concerning shares of a Portfolio other than those contained in the Portfolio's Prospectus. In buying Portfolio shares from us under this Agreement, you will rely only on the representations contained in the Prospectus. Upon your request, we will furnish you with a reasonable number of copies of the Portfolios' current prospectuses or statements of additional information or both (including any stickers thereto). (b) Any printed or electronic information that we furnish you (other than the Portfolios' Prospectuses and periodic reports) is our sole responsibility and not the responsibility of the respective Portfolios. You agree that the Portfolios will have no liability or responsibility to you with respect to any such printed or electronic information. We or the respective Portfolio will bear the expense of qualifying its shares under the state securities laws. (c) You may not use any sales literature or advertising material (including material disseminated through radio, television, or other electronic media) concerning Portfolio shares, other than the printed or electronic information referred to in paragraph 6(b) above, in connection with the offer or sale of Portfolio shares without obtaining our prior written approval. You may not distribute or make available to investors any information that we furnish you marked "FOR DEALER USE ONLY" or that otherwise indicates that it is confidential or not intended to be distributed to investors. 7.

  • Certain Rules Relating to the Payment of Additional Amounts (a) Upon the request, and at the expense of the Borrower, each Lender and Agent to which the Borrower is required to pay any additional amount pursuant to Subsection 4.10 or 4.11, and any Participant in respect of whose participation such payment is required, shall reasonably afford the Borrower the opportunity to contest, and reasonably cooperate with the Borrower in contesting, the imposition of any Non-Excluded Tax giving rise to such payment; provided that (i) such Lender or Agent shall not be required to afford the Borrower the opportunity to so contest unless the Borrower shall have confirmed in writing to such Lender or Agent its obligation to pay such amounts pursuant to this Agreement and (ii) the Borrower shall reimburse such Lender or Agent for its reasonable attorneys’ and accountants’ fees and disbursements incurred in so cooperating with the Borrower in contesting the imposition of such Non-Excluded Tax; provided, however, that notwithstanding the foregoing no Lender or Agent shall be required to afford the Borrower the opportunity to contest, or cooperate with the Borrower in contesting, the imposition of any Non-Excluded Taxes, if such Lender or Agent in its sole discretion in good faith determines that to do so would have an adverse effect on it.

  • Communications Relating to Fund Securities Subject to the provisions of Section 2.3, the Custodian shall transmit promptly to the Fund all written information (including, without limitation, pendency of calls and maturities of domestic securities and expirations of rights in connection therewith and notices of exercise of call and put options written by the Fund and the maturity of futures contracts purchased or sold by the Fund) received by the Custodian from issuers of the securities being held for the Fund. With respect to tender or exchange offers, the Custodian shall transmit promptly to the Fund all written information received by the Custodian from issuers of the securities whose tender or exchange is sought and from the party (or its agents) making the tender or exchange offer. If the Fund desires to take action with respect to any tender offer, exchange offer or any other similar transaction, the Fund shall notify the Custodian at least three business days prior to the date on which the Custodian is to take such action.

  • INDEMNIFICATION RELATING TO THIRD PARTY RIGHTS The Contractor will also indemnify and hold the Authorized Users harmless from and against any and all damages, expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees), claims, judgments, liabilities and costs that may be finally assessed against the Authorized Users in any action for infringement of a United States Letter Patent, or of any copyright, trademark, trade secret or other third party proprietary right except to the extent such claims arise from the Authorized Users gross negligence or willful misconduct, provided that the State shall give Contractor: (i) prompt written notice of any action, claim or threat of infringement suit, or other suit, (ii) the opportunity to take over, settle or defend such action, claim or suit at Contractor's sole expense, and (iii) assistance in the defense of any such action at the expense of Contractor. If usage shall be enjoined for any reason or if Contractor believes that it may be enjoined, Contractor shall have the right, at its own expense and sole discretion to take action in the following order of precedence: (i) to procure for the Authorized User the right to continue Usage (ii) to modify the service or Product so that Usage becomes non-infringing, and is of at least equal quality and performance; or (iii) to replace said service or Product or part(s) thereof, as applicable, with non-infringing service or Product of at least equal quality and performance. If the above remedies are not available, the parties shall terminate the Contract, in whole or in part as necessary and applicable, provided the Authorized User is given a refund for any amounts paid for the period during which Usage was not feasible. The foregoing provisions as to protection from third party rights shall not apply to any infringement occasioned by modification by the Authorized User of any Product without Contractor’s approval. In the event that an action at law or in equity is commenced against the Authorized User arising out of a claim that the Authorized User's use of the service or Product under the Contract infringes any patent, copyright or proprietary right, and Contractor is of the opinion that the allegations in such action in whole or in part are not covered by the indemnification and defense provisions set forth in the Contract, Contractor shall immediately notify the Authorized User and the Office of the Attorney General in writing and shall specify to what extent Contractor believes it is obligated to defend and indemnify under the terms and conditions of the Contract. Contractor shall in such event protect the interests of the Authorized User and secure a continuance to permit the Authorized User to appear and defend its interests in cooperation with Contractor, as is appropriate, including any jurisdictional defenses the Authorized User may have. This constitutes the Authorized User’s sole and exclusive remedy for patent infringement, or for infringement of any other third party proprietary right.

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