New Position Sample Clauses

New Position. An approved position not reflected in the current year budget complement.
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New Position. When a position not covered under Appendix 1A is established during the term of the Agreement, the Employer shall consult with the Union as to rate of pay. If the Parties are unable to agree within thirty (30) calendar days of their first meeting or other such period as agreed by the Parties, the Employer may implement the classification and the rate of pay. The Union may then refer this dispute to the fast track arbitration process developed by the JJEC (maximum three (3) hours with no outside counsel).
New Position. The Joint Job Evaluation Manual outlines the process to be followed when new positions are created.
New Position. Subd. 1. In the event the School District creates a new job position within the appropriate unit that is not covered by the position classification structure in this Agreement, Article VII, Section 2, the School District shall meet and confer with the Exclusive Representative relative to the classification and the wage rate of the position.
New Position. A new position is one that is definably different in instructional methods and/or curriculum design, requires specific skills and/or expectations on the part of the teacher.
New Position. The Board agrees that any time a new position is created within the bargaining unit, the Association shall be notified in writing of such position. The Board shall negotiate with the Association over the wage rate for the position; however, if no agreement is reached within thirty (30) calendar days in which the maximum of two meetings will be scheduled, the Board may set the wage rate to remain in effect until the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement.
New Position. A newly created position within the District or the authorization of additional positions not recognized under State allotment.
New Position. Any new position created during the life of this Agreement will be added to the Association, providing it is similar to a position heretofore recognized.
New Position. The Employer shall have the right to establish new positions within the bargaining unit, provided however, the Employer shall notify the Association within five (5) working days of the proposed classification title, the description thereof, and the rate of pay prior to becoming effective. In the event the Association disagrees with the rate of pay, it shall, within five (5) working days from the date of notice of receipt advise the Employer and thereafter it shall be subject to negotiations. The addition of hours to a current position will not constitute a new position, unless the additional hours change the position from part time to full time.
New Position. The District shall establish an initial wage rate. At any time, up to 6 months after the Union has received notice of the new position, either the District or the Union may require that the position be evaluated by the joint Job Evaluation Committee. If neither the Union nor the District request Job Evaluation, the initial wage rate shall be confirmed as permanent.