Double Time Sample Clauses

Double Time. Double time will be paid as follows:
Double Time. 1 All work performed on a full-time employee's scheduled second (2nd) or third 2 (3rd) day of rest will be paid at the rate of two (2) times the employee's regular rate of pay, 3 provided that an employee who has refused to work a full shift on the employee's first (1st) 4 scheduled day of rest will be paid at the rate of one-and-one-half (1 ½) times his or her 5 normal rate.
Double Time. All employees shall be paid on the basis of 100% increase over their regular hourly rate (commonly called double time), for all work done on the eighth consecutive day actually worked. To be eligible for double time, an employee must actually work and not be in a paid leave status, including being off work on a holiday, for a minimum of eight (8) hours each day for each of the seven (7) preceding days. NOTE: On this Section, it is the employee’s obligation prior to overtime occurring to point out to the City when overtime that will trigger double time is going to occur. Failure to timely notify the City will result in one and one-half (1-1/2) times the hourly rate for such hours worked.
Double Time. Every effort shall be made to avoid holiday work. When such work is required, it shall be given to a qualified volunteer(s). If no one volunteers, assignment will be made on the basis of the least seniored within the building. Employees working on holidays shall double their normal hourly rate.
Double Time. The rate of double time shall be paid for all hours of overtime.
Double Time. Double time shall be paid employees required to work on those holidays described in this Agreement in addition to regular pay for the holiday. The District reserves the right to employ personnel for less than eight (8) hours. Work performed on the 7th consecutive day of the scheduled workweek shall be paid at two (2) times the regular hourly rate.
Double Time. Except as otherwise provided in this article, the following situations shall require payment at two (2) times the regular established wage rate: ▪ Employees, who are scheduled to work within the first five (5) hours of the eight (8) hour period immediately proceeding the normal starting time regardless of the day of the week. ▪ Employees who work on the first day (Monday) of a scheduled four (4) day off period. NV Energy - IBEW L396 Collective Bargaining Agreement 09/24/2013-08/31/2017 Rest Time: Employees who are required to work overtime within the Eight (8) hour period immediately preceding their scheduled starting time on a regular workday, shall be entitled to time off at the rate of one and one-half (1-1/2) times the actual hours worked. This would create the potential for Twelve (12) hours of rest time. This is not applicable to a call-out or scheduled overtime of three (3) hours or less immediately preceding the Employees normal starting time.
Double Time. Employees working a regular work week schedule of Monday through Friday will be paid double their regular straight hourly rate for all time worked on Sunday. Other employees will be paid double their regular straight time hourly rate for all time worked the second consecutive scheduled day off within their regular work schedule. However, no part-time employee shall be paid double time per this section unless he/she has worked over forty (40) hours in any one work week.
Double Time. Employees will be paid double time for work performed on a Sunday, provided the Sunday work does not fall within their regularly assigned work week.