ACCEPTED BY Sample Clauses

ACCEPTED BY. The Indiana State Library By: Representative Date Printed Name Title Executive Committee of Evergreen Indiana By: Executive Committee Chair’s Signature Date Chair’s Printed Name Executive Committee Secretary’s Signature Date Secretary’s Printed Name Entity Library Name By: Board President’s Signature Date Board President’s Printed Name Director’s Signature Date Director’s Printed Name The Evergreen Indiana Code of Ethics I acknowledge that I have an obligation to the Evergreen Indiana Project and to ensure that each of our library employees complies with this Code of Ethics: • I shall not violate the privacy and confidentiality of information entrusted to me or to which I may gain access, including a patron’s private information or reading records. A patron’s personal information, history, or records will not be provided to anyone without legal authorization. Further, I agree to take appropriate action in regard to any illegal or unethical practices that come to my attention. • I shall not use knowledge of a confidential nature to further my personal interests or for personal gain for myself or others. • I have an obligation to the Evergreen Indiana project to use equipment and software only for the purposes intended. • I shall keep my personal skills and knowledge up-to-date and insure that proper expertise is available to the public as needed. • I will share my knowledge by participating in Evergreen Indiana Committees; I will recommend policies and procedures to improve service delivery in accordance with the participation agreement. • I shall accept full responsibility for the work I perform. • I shall cooperate with other Evergreen Indiana members, treating them with honesty and respect. • I will avoid conflict of interest and insure that the appropriate Indiana State Library management is aware of potential conflicts. • I will not exploit the weakness of a computer system for personal gain or personal satisfaction for myself or others. • I will take all steps necessary to ensure that persons working on the Evergreen Indiana project on behalf of the Library will sign an agreement similar to this one which will be retained and made available if requested by Evergreen Indiana. Director’s Signature Date Director’s Printed Name Library Name Evergreen Indiana Payment Program This document will explain the cash and check payment program for Evergreen Indiana. The goal of the Evergreen Indiana Payment Program is to allow all Evergreen Indiana libraries to ac...
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ACCEPTED BY. The Parties have analyzed the subject change request in accordance with the authorized Change Control process to determine the effect that the implementation of the requested change will have on the Contract and related costs, if any. The Parties: (i) mutually approve the analyzed change request, as evidenced by the Parties’ signatures below; (ii) incorporate the resultant Change Order and its attachments, if any, into the Contract; and (iii) declare the Change Order effective as of the last date of signature. The approved Change Order alters only that portion of the Contract and related costs, if any, to which it expressly relates; and it does not otherwise affect the terms and conditions of the Contract. ________________________________ (Contractor): By: Date: _________________________ Printed Name: _____________________, or delegate  Delegate Name: Title: Contractor Project Manager Delegate Title:
ACCEPTED BY. ("General Electric Company") ("") By: /s/ Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx By: /s/ Xxxxx X. Xxxx ---------------------------- ---------------------------- Name: Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Name: Xxxxx X. Xxxx ------------------- ------------------- Title: Mgr, Technology Title: President & CEO ------------------------- ------------------------- EXHIBIT A SOFTWARE LICENSE ----------------
ACCEPTED BY. Deposit returned / destroyed Date......................
ACCEPTED BY. Battery Express, Inc. ---------------------------------------------- RESELLER's Full Legal Name iGo Corp ---------------------------------------------- D/B/A (if Applicable) A Corporation ---------------------------------------------- (Corporation, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship) of the State of ______________________________ /s/ X. Xxxxx ---------------------------------------------- Authorized Signature Xxxxxx X. Xxxxx Xx. ---------------------------------------------- Typed or Printed Name VP Sales & Marketing ---------------------------------------------- Title
ACCEPTED BY. Don Listwin Josh Pace President and XXX
ACCEPTED BY. Applied CIM Technologies, Inc. - a Minnesota Corporation 00000 - 00xx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Signed: By: Title: Date: * All prices are subject to change without notice. 00000 - 00xx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Fax: 000-000-0000 Xxxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Website:
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ACCEPTED BY. Gary Xxxxxxxx, xx President of the aforesaid Princeton entities
ACCEPTED BY. Xx. Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Superintendent Mt Diablo Unified School District Xx. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Assistant Superintendent Mt. Diablo Unified School District
ACCEPTED BY. Student I agree to abide by the requirements that govern the NCHR’s Internship Program as outlined in the General Provisions. I agree to enrol in the appropriate HUMR 4504 Human Rights in Practice Course, perform the set amount of work agreed with the Partner and submit all forms, required papers, and reports to the Internship Coordinator at the required times. I understand that failure on my part to complete any requirement in a timely manner will result in the assignment of a no-credit grade. In accepting this internship I acknowledge the full release of any liability on the part of the University of Oslo, and the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights for any injury sustained while engaged in any activity associated with this internship. I understand that the University provides no insurance coverage for me, including Worker’s Compensation or personal liability. Student/Date: Name: Partner This Partner agrees to engage the student as an intern under the general conditions and rules that govern other employees without regard to race, creed, color, or sex while allowing that the specific conditions for the internship position may be different from other employees. We also agree to provide work site supervision and a varied work experience as outlined in the position description provided to the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights. We agree to provide certification when the student has completed the set hours of work required for the awarding the academic credit. We agree not to hold NCHR or the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights or any of its employees responsible for any injury, damage or loss the intern may cause to the internship Partner, its employees or property. We also understand that NCHR provides no Worker’s Compensation or personal liability coverage for the student. Partner/Date: Name: University/Centre The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights will provide guidance and supervision for any requirements associated with the student’s obtaining academic credit for this internship. We will assist the participating workstation and student with all related matters and help appraise the student’s performance. NCHR/Date: Name: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Programme Director Annex A Please provide a detailed description of the specific duties and responsibilities for the Student. Please also define the parameters by which the Student’s performance will be evaluated. If the sponsoring manager and the individual who will be completing the evaluation are not the same, please provid...
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