ACCEPTED BY Sample Clauses

ACCEPTED BY. ("General Electric Company") ("") By: /s/ Mark Mastrianni By: /s/ Radha R. Basu ---------------------------- ---------------------------- Name: Mark Mastrianni Name: Radha R. Basu ------------------- ------------------- Title: Mgr, Technology Title: President & CEO ------------------------- ------------------------- EXHIBIT A SOFTWARE LICENSE ----------------
ACCEPTED BY. Battery Express, Inc. ---------------------------------------------- RESELLER's Full Legal Name iGo Corp ---------------------------------------------- D/B/A (if Applicable) A Corporation ---------------------------------------------- (Corporation, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship) of the State of ______________________________ /s/ R. Bauer ---------------------------------------------- Authorized Signature Robert W. Bauer Jr. ---------------------------------------------- Typed or Printed Name VP Sales & Marketing ---------------------------------------------- Title
ACCEPTED BY s/ Dean Cirielli ------------------------------------------- Dean Cirielli
ACCEPTED BY. By: ------------------------------------- NAME: User Dated: ----------------------------------- By: ------------------------------------- World Commerce Online-Floraplex, Inc.
ACCEPTED BY. Dr. Steven Lawrence, Superintendent Mt Diablo Unified School District Dr. Mildred Browne, Assistant Superintendent Mt. Diablo Unified School District
ACCEPTED BY. ENGAGE: CUSTOMER: ------------------ ----------------- Initials Initials ATTACHMENT C ------------ PROFILESERVER -------------
ACCEPTED BY. By: ------------------------------ Its: ------------------------------ [CORPORATE SEAL]
ACCEPTED BY. Applied CIM Technologies, Inc. - a Minnesota Corporation 15200 - 25th Avenue North Minneapolis, MN 55447 Signed: By: Title: Date: * All prices are subject to change without notice. 15200 - 25th Avenue North Fax: 763-476-1658 Minneapolis, MN 55447 Website:
ACCEPTED BY. Quasys AG August Technology Corporation ----------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Authorized Signature Authorized Signature Title: Title: ----------------------------- ---------------------------- EXHIBIT-A: PRODUCTS Quasys is granted the right to distribute the following August Technology Products under the terms of this Agreement.
ACCEPTED BY for VANDERBILT for BIOSIGNAL -------------------------- -------------------------------------