Termination of Sample Clauses

Termination of the Contract shall not relieve the Contractor or its Surety of their responsibilities for the completed Work, nor shall it relieve the Contractor’s Surety of its obligations to ensure completion of the Work and to pay legitimate claims arising out of Work.
Termination of. Charters If either of the Charters is terminated.
Termination of. This Letter Of Understanding By serving thirty (30) calendar days prior written notice, the Employer or Union shall retain the uncontested right to completely discontinue the preliminary hearing forum as referenced in this Letter Of Understanding, in which case this Letter Of Understanding shall be deemed to be extinguished and rendered null and void.
Termination of. Either of the Parties may **** at any time and shall immediately **** and the other Party in writing. The **** will terminate when (i) a party ****; (ii) the ****; or (iii) a written agreement is concluded in connection with the applicable Dispute which amends the terms of this Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, any agreement **** unless and until it has been reduced to writing and signed by both Parties.
Termination of. If HSL terminates this Agreement for LMI’s breach under Section 3.3(b) or LMI’s insolvency under Section 3.3(a) then the **** shall terminate.
Termination of. A MEMBER'S ASSOCIATION WITH THE LLC Should a Member no longer have an association with the LLC (as defined herein), the LLC shall have the right, but not the obligation, to repurchase all shares of the LLC owned by the Member, upon demand and at the price originally paid by the Member for those shares. An "association with the LLC" shall be defined as being an employee or consultant of the LLC, the Partnerships, or Alliance Semiconductor Corporation (including its subsidiaries, and parent, if any).
Termination of an SOW shall not automatically cause the termination of any other SOW or of this Agreement provided however, in the event of a default by the Agency under any SOW executed under this Agreement which is not cured within a 30 day time frame, AIG will have the option of terminating any other SOW executed between the Parties where the value of such SOW to AIG has been adversely impacted or diminished by such default and/or to pursue its other legal remedies and rights.
Termination of. PARTICIPATIONS IN BOND LETTERS OF CREDIT. Upon satisfaction of all conditions set forth in Section 3.1 hereof, any obligation of any Lender to participate in the Bond Letters of Credit shall automatically terminate without any further action being taken with respect thereto. Section 10.16