Present Sample Clauses

Present. The ambulance services in Norway vary in size and workload, from the larger urban ambu- lance services such as Oslo and Akershus, to small rural services in the northern and west- ern parts of Norway and the costal line. Some services cover very large geographical areas with small populations, 500 to 1000 inhabi- tants, and whit long distances to the nearest hospital, 400 km or more. The ambulance services at Ulleval has created medical and operational guidelines which now covers most of the services through out the country. The Norwegian Medical Association has in collaboration whit the Laerdal founda- tion developed the Norwegian Medical Index used for prioritising in almost every the medi- cal dispatch central trough out the country. The ambulance services have mixed provisions of doctors, paramedics, technicians, and oper- ate roadambulances, ambulanceboats, helicop- ters and aircrafts and cooperate closely whit the rescue service when in need for more heavy equipment There are no legislation or centrally set targets for the service currently. Each service operate after their one standards where very few are evidence based. The Norwegian ambulance services currently provide a mixture of emergency and urgent care, support for General Practitioners and patient transport. The Ambulance service at Ulleval currently handles in excess of 400 emergency calls each day. There has almost been a doubling of ambu- lance service demand in Norway over a 10- year period. As for the rest of the developed world there is an inexorable rise in demand. The reasons for this change are not fully un- derstood. Ulleval Hospital has set some goals for its ambulance service:
Present a “Roster of Studentsin a timely manner, under this agreement listing the names of each High School student and the MSCS course(s) being taken by each student prior to the start of the semester. Also, provide a form indicating how many PSEO students and non-PSEO students are in each course under the exception rule (majority must be PSEO students). This is required for reporting purposes to the state each year. In addition, in a timely manner, send the academic high school calendar to the college collaborator.
Present. All rates are minimum rates and no employee shall have a reduction in present pay or pay rates as a result of the signing of this Agreement. Working foremen shall receive a premium of twenty-five (25) cents per hour. There shall be at least one Journeyman on each job where an Apprentice is working. PIECE WORKERS Stretch on Wood Stretch on Concrete Glue Down Loose Lay Stringers Steps Stretch and Glue Stair Treads Vinyl Steps Hollywood Steps one end open Steps both ends Kitchen 12' material Kitchen material plus Glazecraft Tile plus Bathroom Minimum per step per step per step per step per step per step per step per step per step per step Bathroom Walls Tub Enclosures Hourly Work (etc.) Tile up to over Rubber Base per Gym Flooring Heath welding Carpet base and cap Tear up Carpet, Vinyl Rubber Jute Plywood per sheet Quarter Round or Base Board Appliances Travel per man Mileage after Room and Board: one man two men per it. per per per day per day Commercial per yd. per per per per per day per day FOLLOWING ARTICLES DO NOT APPLY TO ARTICLE ARTICLE
Present. Mayor XxxXxxxxx, Deputy Mayor Power, Councillor Xxxxxxxx, Councillor Xxxxxxx, Councillor Hafting, Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, Community Development Coordinator (CDC) Xxx Xxxx, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Xxxxx Xxxxxxx-Xxxxxxxx, Recording Secretary Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. One member of the public joined the meeting as an attendee. All members joined via Zoom.
Present. The list of officers of Government of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and of Central Water Commission, Govt. of India present in the meeting is at Annexure-I.
Present. Mayor Xxxxx, Mayor Pro Tem Xxxxxx, Councilman Xxxxxx, Councilman LeCureaux, Councilman Xxxx Absent: Also Present: City Manager Xx Xxxxxxxxx, City Attorney Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Building Official Xxxxx Xxxxx, City Clerk/Assistant City Manager Xxxxxx Pinch CALL TO ORDER – 7:00 p.m. CONSENT AGENDA
Present. Councilmembers: Xxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxx Xxxx, Xxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxx XxXxxxx and Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx. Staff present: City Administrator Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Interim Finance Director Xxxxx XxxXxxxxx, Accounting Assistant Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Financial Analyst Xxxxxxx Xxxxx and City Clerk & HR Manager Xxxx Xxxxx.
Present. The Authority is governed by a Board of Direc- tors appointed by the Mayor and City Council of Richmond. Classified as a not-for-profit governmental agency, RAA periodically holds a competitive bid process to hire a private con- tractor for managing day-to-day field and dispatch operations. The Richmond Ambu- lance Authority receives requests for service through a universal 3-digit emergency number (“911”), and distributes an additional 7-digit number specifically for hospital and nursing home non-emergency requests. The Authority has a fleet of 26 ambulances, 2 supervisor vehicles, and 1 command vehicle. RAA mandates and monitors strict response time standards for all priorities of calls, meas- ured equally and in aggregate in four “service zonesestablished within Richmond. For ex- ample, Priority 1 requests (presumed life- threatening) require a transport capable ALS (advanced life support) ambulance to arrive on scene within 8 minutes and 59 seconds of the request, with a 90% reliability (9 out of 10 times). Financial penalties exist for late re- sponses, and financial incentives exist for superior response time performance and supe- rior equipment/fleet maintenance practices. The Authority utilizes a computer aided dis- patch (CAD) system and a customized version of the Advanced Medical Priority Dispatch System (AMPDS) for prioritizing EMS re- sponses. In addition, the 911 intake system shows the address associated with the tele- phone used in calling for help, and spatially represents the location address on a computer map. If the request was generated by cell phone, the system provides an approximate position for the request through locator tech- nology mandated for cell service providers by the federal government. Each ambulance is staffed with at least one paramedic and one EMT-Basic, and performs at the ALS (advanced life support) level. Paramedics are authorized to use advanced medical protocols and standing orders issued by RAA’s Medical Director for treating patients before and during transport, and both the Medical Director and the Authority monitor the quality of treatment and compliance to medical and operations protocols. The Authority and the contractor share the same system data for use in monitoring, analysis and decision- making. Primary funding for the Richmond Ambulance Authority is through user fees. RAA will bill commercial insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, hospitals, nursing homes, and/or the patient, but no person within ...
Present. $ per month due in advance on the first day of each month.
Present. In attendance: