Health service definition

Health service means a Local Health District constituted under section 8 of the Health Services Act 1997, a Statutory Health Corporation constituted under section 11 of that Act, and an Affiliated Health Organisation constituted under section 13 of that Act.
Health service has the meaning given in section 7 of the Act.
Health service means any of the following:

Examples of Health service in a sentence

  • As noted previously, the forecasts around the Mental Health service lines need to be interpreted with caution, given the ongoing work around the ‘baseline contract’ – expected to be completed in December 2008 – and the forecasts are those of the PCT, drawing on information provided by the provider bodies, rather than those of Sussex Partnership Trust.

  • To receive a six-monthly update report regarding the Human Resources/Occupational Health service level agreement (attached) and to consider the recommendation/s contained therein.

  • The recommendations to improve BAME Mental Health service provision are as follows:1.

  • Mental Health Inpatient provision is one of the key work streams within the Lanarkshire bed modelling steering group involving key clinical and management staff invited from the Mental Health service and colleagues from Planning within the two Health and Social Care Partnerships.

  • Health service delivery in Somalia was for a long time provided by humanitarian agencies and private hospitals.

More Definitions of Health service

Health service means any medically necessary treatment or
Health service means a public hospital or health service listed in Schedule A.
Health service means clinically related services, such as diagnostic, treatment, or rehabilitative services, and includes those services specified as requiring a certificate of need under § 68-11-1607;
Health service means clinically related, diagnostic, treatment, or rehabilitative services and includes alcohol, drug abuse, and mental health services for which specific standards or criteria are prescribed in the State Health Plan.
Health service means a service that is provided to an individual for any of the following purposes:
Health service means a service that is provided to an individual