XX Xxxxxxxxxx definition

XX Xxxxxxxxxx is defined in the Recitals of this Agreement.
XX Xxxxxxxxxx has the meaning given to it in the eighth paragraph of this Agreement;
XX Xxxxxxxxxx means Xx. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx.

Examples of XX Xxxxxxxxxx in a sentence

  • JEFFERIES LLC By: /s/ Xxxxxx Xxxxx Name: Xxxxxx Xxxxx Title: Managing Director For itself and as Representative of the several Underwriters named in Schedule A hereto [Signature Page to Underwriting Agreement] Schedule A Underwriters Number ofFirm Sharesto be Purchased Xxxxxxxxx LLC 2,941,000 X.X. Xxxxxxxxxx & Co., LLC 692,000 Xxxxxxxxxxx & Co., Inc.

More Definitions of XX Xxxxxxxxxx

XX Xxxxxxxxxx means Xxxxxxxxxx Industries International, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
XX Xxxxxxxxxx. Sub: Red Xxxxx of Xxxxxxxxxx County, Inc. ----------------- XX Xxxxxxxxxx Sub Pledge Agreement: the pledge agreement dated as ---------------------------------- of August 9, 2001 by and between XX Xxxxxxxxxx Sub and Agent.
XX Xxxxxxxxxx. Winterberg Maritime Inc. (“Winterberg”);
XX Xxxxxxxxxx has the meaning set forth in the preamble.
XX Xxxxxxxxxx has the meaning specified in introductory paragraph.
XX Xxxxxxxxxx has not assumed responsibility for independent verification of, and has not independently verified, any information, whether publicly available or furnished to it, concerning Tracor, including, without limitation, any financial information, forecasts or projections considered in connection with the rendering of its opinion. Accordingly, for purposes of its opinion, XX Xxxxxxxxxx has assumed and relied upon the accuracy and completeness of all such information and XX Xxxxxxxxxx has not conducted a physical inspection of any of the properties or assets, and has not prepared or obtained any independent evaluation or appraisal of any of the assets or liabilities, of
XX Xxxxxxxxxx has the meaning given to such term in the introduction hereto.