City Council Sample Clauses

City Council. The governing body of the City of Dripping Springs, Texas.
City Council. This Application may be subject to review and approval by the City Council.
City Council. The governing body of the City of Fruita, Colorado.
City Council. The City Council is vested with authority to:
City Council. Pursuant to the opinion of City Council, should the City Manager be disqualified from holding a hearing and/or rendering a final and binding decision, an advisory arbitrator shall be utilized. The arbitrator’s advisory written opinion shall be given to the City Council for final decision. The Council shall consider the case at its next regularly scheduled meeting.
City Council. The City shall notify the members of the City Council of the availability of the initial and all annual training sessions conducted pursuant to this Agreement so that they may attend.
City Council. In the event the discipline was imposed by the City Manager, the City Council shall consider the advisory opinion of the hearing officer and shall render a final and conclusive findings of the City within fifteen
City Council. The City Council of the City of San Diego.
City Council. The Council of the City of Sacramento.
City Council. If the Union is not satisfied with the City Administrator’s decision, the Union will request a presence with the City Council in Executive Session. This request is to be made within ten (10) days of receipt of the City Administrator’s written decision. The Council will render its decision as a majority vote of the Council upon completion of its executive session.