Development of Sample Clauses

Development of. Praxis will have the right (but not the obligation) at any time after Praxis exercises the Option under Section 5.1 until [***], to [***] the [***]. If Praxis seeks to [***] the [***], then Praxis will notify Ionis and such [***]. If the Parties mutually agree that Praxis may [***] the [***], then the Parties will, as soon as practicable but no later than [***] after agreeing to such [***], negotiate an appropriate amendment of this Agreement. Prior to Praxis’ initiation of any [***], Praxis will notify Ionis of [***] provide the JSC with drafts of [***] (“[***]”) and a [***] (“[***]”) for such [***]. The contents of the [***] and the [***] will be similar to the contents of the [***]. The JSC will be responsible for reviewing and approving the [***] and the [***], and any updates or amendments thereto, proposed by Praxis. If the JSC cannot agree upon any aspect of the [***] or the [***] or any update or amendment thereto, the matter will be referred to the Senior Representatives for resolution. If the Senior Representatives cannot agree on the [***] or the [***] within [***] after the matter is so referred, then Ionis will have final decision-making authority with respect to [***], provided that Ionis’ decision is consistent with the choices Ionis makes for its other similar programs, and Praxis will have final decision-making authority with respect to (a) [***] and (b) [***], in each case except as set forth in Section 4.1.4(b) with respect to matters arising after Praxis’ exercise of the Option. As between the Parties, Praxis will be solely responsible, at its own cost and expense, for [***].
Development of. Merck shall pay to GTx upon first achievement of the following milestones for a Product containing [ * ]: [ * ]
Development of. (i) criteria for the design of watershed management plans aimed to improve regional environmental management capacity and to protect and reclaim coastal watersheds; and (ii) a strategic environmental assessment of the Borrower’s northern coast, including the design of strategies for environmental management, compatible with the long term regional economic development and preservation goals.
Development of. [***] MLCs. (a) 3D Line will perform a development program (the “Program”) directed toward the development of [***] MLCs that meet the Specifications (including the documents referenced therein). The Program will be performed in two iterations with 3D Line delivering to ViewRay: (i) within [***] after the Effective Date, complete design plans for the [***] MLCs that are suitable for manufacturing [***] MLCs that conform to the Specifications; (ii) [***]; (iii) within [***] after ViewRay makes the payment under Section 2.2(b) “final” design plans for the [***] MLCs that conform to the Specifications that include detailed engineering and fabrication information sufficient to enable commercial scale manufacture; and (iv) within [***] after ViewRay makes the payment under Section 2.2(c), but not later than [***] unless ViewRay notifies 3D Line that ViewRay is willing to accept a later delivery date, [***] MLCs that conform to the Specifications (each, a “Deliverable”).
Development of. If a Product containing [ * ], Merck shall pay to GTx upon first achievement [ * ] by such Product containing [ * ]. [ * ]
Development of a Joint program or project with a clear collaborative advantage for effective delivery of results and value maximization.
Development of. Merck shall pay to GTx upon first achievement of the following milestones by [ * ]. [ * ]
Development of. Subject to the advance written agreement on a Statement of Work, the Parties shall work together to develop the [*]. The Parties will use commercially reasonable efforts to scope and negotiate the related Statement of Work within [*] after the Effective Date, and to develop [*]. BBY will also [*]. For the avoidance of doubt, it would be BBY’s intent to [*]. For purposes of clarity, the Parties understand and agree that the [*].
Development of a transition plan of care in coordination with the care setting, the enrollee and other key members of an enrollee’s multi-disciplinary team prior to the transition which is provided in writing to the enrollee upon discharge and includes post discharge care appointments and linkages as appropriate, medication reconciliation, patient education and self- management strategies; addresses prior authorization needs; and a contact person and phone number for the enrollee.
Development of a statistical fracture network generator geomecon developed a fracture network generator, which is used to statistically generate fracture networks, with typical shale fracture properties (see section on geomechanical modelling). For the simulations that were modelled and computed in the SXT project the fracture generator was used on Whitby Mudstone (UK) data (Xxxxxxx 2015). A general and open architecture of the code allows the generation of fracture networks based on fracture length and orientation statistics typical for the rock material in question. This enables geomecon to do more realistic simulations with roxol, leading to a more convincing consulting portfolio in the area of roxol.