Ambulance service definition

Ambulance service means any privately or publicly owned service program that utilizes ambulances, including air transport vehicles, in order to provide patient transportation and emergency medical services.
Ambulance service means an entity, its personnel and equipment including, but not limited to, automobiles, airplanes, boats or helicopters, which are licensed to provide Emergency medical and Ambulance services in the state in which the services are rendered.
Ambulance service means the Ambulance Service of NSW.

Examples of Ambulance service in a sentence

Ambulance service providers must meet the following requirements in order to qualify to receive supplemental payments.

Ambulance service by air is covered in an Emergency if ground transportation is impossible, or would put your life or health in serious jeopardy.

Contractor shall make outside arrangements for Ambulance service and for the treatment of injuries.

First Aid: Contractor shall maintain adequate first aid facilities for its employees and labour, an MBBS doctor with assisting nurses and helpers should be available throughout the pendency of the contract.Contractor shall make outside arrangements for Ambulance service and for the treatment of injuries.

Ambulance service areas that extend through multiple and/or adjacent counties require an ambulance service license for each county within that area.

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Ambulance service means an organization which transports patients;
Ambulance service means the conveying of the worker by whatever reasonable means for the purpose of his receiving medical or hospital services or to his place of residence after receiving or seeking either of such services;S. 26(2)(b) substituted by No. 50/1994 s. 117.
Ambulance service means a person, governmental unit or other entity that operates am-
Ambulance service means any business involving ownership, operation, management or maintenance of any ambulance within Thurston County.