The Vehicle Sample Clauses

The Vehicle. Purchase. The PO shall describe a year, make and model of a vehicle (“Vehicle”). If so provided in the PO, Supplier will hold and release Client funds as necessary for Client’s purchase of the Vehicle and will accept delivery of the Vehicle directly from the manufacturer or dealer; provided that, title to the Vehicle shall transfer directly from the manufacturer or dealer selling the Vehicle to Client.
The Vehicle. You must keep the vehicle insured against damage or loss (“Dual Interest Property Insurance”) until you have paid all that you owe under this contract. YOU MAY PURCHASE, OR PROVIDE THROUGH AN EXISTING POLICY, THE DUAL INTEREST PROPERTY INSURANCE THROUGH ANYONE YOU CHOOSE WHO IS REASONABLY ACCEPTABLE TO US. You will provide coverage in the amount of the vehicle's actual cash value less a maximum deductible of $ Each policy you get must provide that the insurance company will give us at least 10 dayswritten notice before the policy is canceled. You must name us as the person to be paid under the policy in the event of damage or loss. If the vehicle is damaged or lost, at our option, we can use the insurance proceeds to replace or repair it or to repay any amounts you owe under this contract. If you do not obtain and maintain the insurance required by this contract and do not continue to provide satisfactory proof of insurance, we will consider this contract in default. We may, at our option, repossess the vehicle, purchase insurance at your expense, or pursue any other remedy provided for in this contract. Any coverage we buy will pay claims to us for physical damage to the vehicle. Such coverage will not include insurance on liability for bodily injury or property damage, and will not meet the requirement for proof of financial responsibility under Illinois law. The charge for the insurance will be the premium of the insurance and a finance charge equal to the Annual Percentage Rate shown in this contract or, at our option, the highest rate the law permits. If any insurance for which an amount is included in the contract is cancelled, any unearned insurance refund exceeding $1.00 received or receivable by us shall be credited on the final maturing installments of the contract except to the extent those amounts are applied toward payment for similar insurance protecting the interests of you or us or both. You will deliver to us an insurance policy meeting the requirements listed above to be issued by Insurance Company: Agent: WE MAY BUY COLLATERAL PROTECTION INSURANCE AT YOUR EXPENSE. Unless you provide us with evidence of the insurance coverage required by your agreement with us, we may purchase insurance at your expense to protect our interests in your collateral. This insurance may, but need not, protect your interests. The coverage that we purchase may not pay any claim that you make or any claim that is made against you in connection with the collater...
The Vehicle. 8.1 Other than where you are ordering a new Vehicle whereby you will be the first registered owner, you hereby acknowledge that the Vehicle may previously have been used as a lease or rental vehicle or have had multiple users. It may also have been imported from another country. We will provide you with any information about the Vehicle on request so if you have any questions about the previous use of the Vehicle or have specific requirements we advise you to discuss these with us before placing your Order.
The Vehicle. Within 30 days of the closing of the Subscription Agreement, Mazarin shall establish a single-purpose corporation or other legal entity without debt or other obligations, as agreed by the parties (the "Vehicle"). Immediately upon creation of the Vehicle, Mazarin shall transfer the entire Ownership Interest to the Vehicle, in the most efficient manner for tax purposes. The Vehicle shall be operated on a sound commercial basis as a profit centre and shall be established in a form and in a jurisdiction agreeable to the parties having regard to the tax implications to GRAPH-TECH and Mazarin among other matters. GRAPH-TECH and Mazarin shall enter into a shareholders agreement or equivalent agreement (the "Shareholders Agreement") no later than upon the completion of Phase 1 of the Study. The Shareholders 3 Agreement shall contain terms consistent with this Memorandum and cover matters including board composition, approval of budgets and programs, management and human resources, the project and expansions, restrictions on transfers of interest, default and compulsory sale of interest, dispute resolution and matters requiring approval by special majorities, as some are more specifically described in Schedule "A". The parties shall commence good faith negotiations as to the content of the Shareholders Agreement upon the execution of this Memorandum and shall execute the Shareholders Agreement no later than upon completion of Phase One of the Study. The Vehicle shall comply with all laws applicable to the Vehicle and the business in which it operates, including but not limited to, applicable health, environment and safety laws and regulations. The Vehicle shall adopt a comprehensive health, safety and environmental compliance policy with conditions as least as restrictive as those contained in GRAPH-TECH's then current policy with the addition of those policies/procedures that would be necessary or appropriate for the proper operation of a graphite mining and processing facility.
The Vehicle. 8.1 The Vehicle may previously have been used as a Fleet, lease or rental vehicle or have had multiple users. We do not obtain details of the vehicle's previous use, but the majority of our vehicles have been used for business purposes. We will provide you with any additional information about the vehicle that we can on request so if you have any questions about the previous use of the vehicle or have specific requirements we advise you to discuss these with us before placing your order.
The Vehicle. 3.1 The vehicle’s conditions A document describing the vehicle’s condition is attached to your contract. You agree to put on it in writing, before departing the station, any apparent damage not described. If not, you shall be deemed to have delivered a vehicle complying with the statement. We are unfortunately unable to accept claims relating to apparent damage not reported at the time of departure. You must return the vehicle in the condition in which you received it. Any reconditioning costs by the hirer’s misconduct shall be added to the cost of hire, subject to the terms of the sectionOptional contractual waivers”.
The Vehicle. The Seller agrees to sell, and the Buyer agrees to buy the motor vehicle (“ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ”) ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ : Make: Registration Number: Year of Manufacture: [ ] [ ] [ ] VIN / Chassis Number: [ ] Engine Number: [ ] CC rating [ ] Colour: [ ] Model: [ ] Mileage: [ ] Fuel Type [ ] Warrant of Fitness/Certificate of Fitness: [ ] RUC License Number Other Extras [ ] Keys: [ ] Spare wheels: [ ] Music system: [ ] Air conditioning unit: [ ] Navigation system: [ ] Service book: [ ]
The Vehicle. 7.1.1. The vehicle is a used Nissan Patrol 4x4 LDVblue in colour – with Registration …………......………………
The Vehicle. Operator explicitly declares that with the registration and conclusion of this Agreement they have provided correct and true data that is required for the conclusion of this Agreement and the registration of their vehicles. The Vehicle Operator explicitly declares that they are fully aware of the fact that they bear full responsibility for the correctness of this data, including correctness of the data entered in the Electronic OBU, for the entire period of driving on tolled roads. If the Electronic OBU must be replaced or repeatedly personified due to incorrectness or incompleteness of the provided data, the System Operator shall be entitled to request payment of stipulated damages in the amount of CZK 1000,- in each individual case.