Management Personnel Sample Clauses

Management Personnel. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the Management Personnel shall be employed by Dex Media (and any of its direct or indirect Subsidiaries as may employ the Management Personnel from time to time (including without limitation Dex Service)). Compensation, employee benefits, payroll services, Taxes and other employee-related obligations shall be paid and/or provided by Dex Media or any of its Affiliates (including without limitation Dex Service), as determined by, and in the discretion of, Dex Media and the applicable Affiliate. Except as otherwise may be agreed to by the Parties from time to time, Dex Service or one of its Affiliates may be designated as the "common paymaster" (within the meaning of Sections 3121(s) and 3306(p) of the Code) with respect to the Management Personnel. The Parties acknowledge and agree that, during the period beginning on the commencement of the Term and ending on such later date as may be agreed to by the Parties, Dex Service shall be designated as the common paymaster with respect to the Management Personnel.
Management Personnel. CONTRACTOR shall employ management personnel who shall be responsible for the efficient operation of the transportation services furnished hereunder and who shall be CONTRACTOR's liaison to DISTRICT. CONTRACTOR shall inform DISTRICT of the name(s), address(s), and emergency contact information of such management personnel. A manager and mechanic shall be on duty at all times a school bus is being used in the performance of this contract.
Management Personnel. C.6.1.1 This task includes overall management of the tasks, resources, and activities described in this contract. The Contractor Program Manager shall be responsible for the overall effective performance of all program areas described in this contract, associated task orders, and its subcontracts supporting the Storage Facility. The Contractor shall provide experienced personnel to support DOE programs as described in the PWS.
Management Personnel. SMC will provide management personnel to act on -------------------- behalf of THT as Chairman of the Board, President, Treasurer, Secretary, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, and as members of the Board of Directors of THT.
Management Personnel. The members of the Police Superior Officers' Bargaining Unit, individually and collectively, are to regard themselves as management personnel and to carry out their managerial duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with generally accepted management theory and practice.
Management Personnel. Each of Simplot and Xxxxxxx shall devote the attention of their management personnel to the Venture from time to time as appropriate, but except as expressly provided in Section 6(c) hereof with respect to administrative service fees, neither Simplot nor Xxxxxxx shall charge a management fee to the Venture or allocate to the Venture as a direct expense any portion of the compensation and benefits paid to its management personnel.
Management Personnel. Franchisee acknowledges that Franchisor has granted this Franchise on the representations of Franchisee that, except with the Franchisor’s prior approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed, the current principals of Franchise shall in aggregate participate actively on a full-time basis (40 hours per week) in the management and operation of the franchised business (which, for the purposes of this Section 5 shall include the Approved Retail Location provided for hereunder and any other Approved Retail Locations, if any, established by Franchisee or his affiliates) and each work at least one (1) day per week (eight (8) hours) on average on the store floor. Franchisee shall not appoint replacement management personnel without the prior written approval of Franchisor who will not unreasonably withhold such approval but who in granting such approval may prescribe, as a condition thereof that any such replacement management personnel satisfactorily complete the training requirements set out herein. Franchisor reserves the right to charge a reasonable standard fee and its reasonable expenses incurred in providing such training.
Management Personnel. Contractor shall provide a transportation supervisor and adequate personnel to provide proper supervision over its employees and to keep and maintain proper transportation records including, but not limited to, itemized invoices, regular and extracurricular mileage records, and fuel purchase and
Management Personnel. It is a condition of WPHLI executing this agreement that the person or persons specified in Schedule B shall participate on a full-time basis in management and operation of the Owner’s Team and that the first person named therein shall be the full-time chief executive officer of the Owner’s Team. The Owner shall not hire any person to act as manager, assistant manager or in any other managerial capacity in the operation of the Owner’s Team without the prior written approval of WPHLI. WPHLI may prescribe, as a condition of such approval, that any such managerial employee satisfactorily complete the basic training requirements set out herein. WPHLI reserves the right to charge the Owner its then current standard training fee for any managerial prospect other than the person or persons specified in Schedule B. No change in any management personnel of the Owner’s Team shall be made by the Owner without the prior written approval of WPHLI, such approval not to be withheld unreasonably. In the event of the resignation, termination, death or incapacity of any of the management personnel of the Owner’s Team, the Owner shall have a period of 30 days after such death or incapacity in which to complete arrangements for replacement of such management personnel by a person approved in writing by WPHLI, such approval not to be withheld unreasonably.