Medical director definition

Medical director means any physician licensed under Iowa Code chapter 148, 150, or 150A who shall be responsible for overall medical direction of the service program and who has completed a medical director workshop, sponsored by the department, within one year of assuming duties.
Medical director means a physician who assumes the role of, or holds oneself out as, medical director or a physician who serves as a medical advisor for a medical spa. The medical director is responsible for implementing policies and procedures to ensure quality patient care and for the delegation and supervision of medical aesthetic services to qualified licensed or certified nonphysician persons.

Examples of Medical director in a sentence

  • If the clinic director is also licensed to provide counseling services they shall carry a caseload of patients that is reasonable to ensure prompt and ade- quate access to care of those patients while balancing their other business responsibilities to the clinic.(b) Medical director.

  • For medical needs of a patient that exceed the scope of the service under this chapter, the service shall coordinate with appropriate medical providers.(c) Medical director responsibilities.

More Definitions of Medical director

Medical director means a physician licensed in a member state who is accountable for the care delivered by EMS personnel.
Medical director means a Physician named by HPN to review use of health services by Members.
Medical director means a physician who is responsible for the coordination of medical services provided to patients in a health care institution.
Medical director means a physician who is licensed to practice medicine in accordance with Iowa Code chapter 148, 150, or 150A and who assumes responsibility for administering all medical services performed by the program, either by performing them directly or by delegating specific responsibility to authorized program physicians and health care professionals functioning under the medical director’s direct supervision.
Medical director means a physician under contract with the Medical Center to assume overall responsibility for a particular service.