Attend Sample Clauses

Attend regularly scheduled Project progress meetings and fully advise the Project Team of the Project status including schedule, costs, quality and changes.
Attend regular Project Inspector meetings conducted by District for purposes of coordination and training.
Attend department head meetings as arranged by the principal and/or subject supervisor. Department Heads will spend a reasonable amount of additional after-school time for this assignment.
Attend the College’s Fall and Spring commencement ceremonies; attend departmental/programmatic graduation and/or pinning ceremonies, as appropriate.
Attend a district orientation meeting with their mentees, and regularly- scheduled mentor meetings to discuss the mentoring process. Regular meetings will be called by the Lead Mentor. Mentors and Guides may be required to attend additional special meetings as called by the Lead Mentor. Meetings should be completed within a reasonable time frame at an hourly stipend of thirty dollars ($30) per hour; partial hours rounded up to the nearest one-half (1/2) hour.
Attend lead project meetings with County staff, A-E consultant staff, City staff, Regulators, and other Stakeholders;
Attend faculty meetings and district in-service programs called by the principal or superintendent unless excused by the immediate administrative supervisor within the normal work day. Extracurricular activities may not be scheduled during the contracted school day on Professional Development Days.
Attend a Missouri public community college, vocational, or technical post-secondary institution on a full-time basis.