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The RFP. (a) In March 2017, Waterfront Toronto issued Request for Proposals No.: 2017-13 (the “RFP”) for an Innovation and Funding Partner (as defined in the RFP), and Sidewalk Labs, after having explored opportunities all over the world, recognized the unique opportunity presented by the RFP and answered its call, presenting a vision in its RFP Submission Materials for a new type of neighbourhood that utilizes Sidewalk Labs’ unique combination of technology, urban development expertise and flexible funding approaches to establish a new model for city-building in the twenty-first century.
The RFP. The Project Schedule prepared by Construction Manager and approved by Owner, as the same may be updated, modified or extended in accordance with the applicable provisions of this Agreement.
The RFP. She said also that the scope of this project was not the same as the original project
The RFP. On April 1, 2019, the U.S. Department of the Air Force (Air Force) issued Request for Proposals (RFP) No. FA489019RA020, seeking a contractor to perform E-3 aircrew training and courseware development.2 The Contracting Officer (CO) set aside the procurement entirely for small businesses, and assigned North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 611512, Flight Training, with a corresponding size standard of $30 million average annual receipts. Saguaro submitted its initial proposal, including price, for the procurement on November 15, 2019, self-certifying as a small business. According to the RFP's Performance Work Statement (PWS), the Air Force will provide facilities for the performance of the contract. (PWS at 19.) In addition, the Air Force will provide:
The RFP 

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  • Reporting of Sales to TIPS by Vendor Vendor is required to report all sales under the TIPS contract to TIPS. If the TIPS Member entity requesting a price from the awarded Vendor requests the TIPS contract, Vendor must include the TIPS Contract number on any communications with the TIPS Member entity. To report sales, login to the TIPS Vendor Portal and click on the PO’s and Payments tab. Pages 3-7 of the Vendor Portal User Guide will walk you through the process of reporting sales to TIPS. Please refer to the TIPS Accounting FAQ’s for more information about reporting sales and if you have further questions, contact the Accounting Team at The Vendor or vendor assigned dealers are responsible for keeping record of all sales that go through the TIPS Agreement and submitting same to TIPS. Failure to render the participation fee to TIPS shall constitute a breach of this agreement with our parent governmental entity, Texas Education Service Center Region 8, as established by the Texas legislature and shall be grounds for termination of this agreement and any other agreement held with TIPS and possible legal action. TIPS reserves all rights under the law to collect the fees due. Please contact TIPS at or call (866) 839-8477 if you have questions about paying fees.

  • The Service The Single Survey is a Report by an independent Surveyor, prepared in an objective way regardingthe condition and value of the Property on the day of the inspection, and who is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. It includes an Energy Report as required by Statute and this is in the format of the accredited Energy Company. In addition, the Surveyor has agreed to supply a generic Mortgage Valuation Report. THE INSPECTIONThe Inspection is a general surface examination of those parts of the Property which are accessible: inother words, visible and readily available for examination from ground and floor levels, without risk of causing damage to the Property or injury to the Surveyor. All references to visual inspection refer to an inspection from within the property at floor level and from ground level within the site and adjoining public areas, without the need to move any obstructions.Any references to left or right are taken facing the front of the property. The Inspection is carried out with the Seller's permission, without causing damage to the building or contents. Furniture, stored items and insulation are not moved. Unless identified in the report the Surveyor will assume that no harmful or hazardous materials have been used in the construction. The presence or possible consequences of any site contamination will not be researched.