Request for Proposal definition

Request for Proposal or “RFP” means all documents, including those attached or incorporated by reference, used for soliciting proposals.
Request for Proposal. (RFP) means a Solicitation Document to obtain Written, competitive Proposals to be used as a basis for making an acquisition or entering into a Contract when price will not necessarily be the predominant award criteria.
Request for Proposal. (RFP) means the document issued by the City used to solicit submissions to provide goods, services or construction for the City.

Examples of Request for Proposal in a sentence

  • Vendor shall be legally permitted to sell all products offered for sale to TIPS Members if the offering is included in the Request for Proposal (“RFP”) category.

  • In the event of conflict, the requirements of City’s Request for Proposal and this Agreement shall take precedence over those contained in CONTRACTOR’s proposal.

  • CONTRACTOR is bound by the contents of City’s Request for Proposal on file at the Public Works Department Contents of the CONTRACTOR’s proposal, available on file at the Public Works Department and incorporated herein by this reference.

More Definitions of Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal. “RFP” shall mean and include the complete set of documents, specifications, drawings, and addenda incorporated herein, and included in this Request for Proposal.
Request for Proposal means the Proposal Submission, the Bidding Procedures, these General Conditions, the Supplemental Conditions, the Specifications, the Drawings and all addenda;
Request for Proposal or “RFP” means the State’s Request for Proposal, issued Insert Date, including the supplement to the RFP, dated Insert Date.
Request for Proposal or “RFP” means the Request for Proposal identified on the CD&E, including any attachments or amendments thereto.
Request for Proposal or “RFP” means this Request for Proposals and includes the documents listed in the index and any modifications thereof or additions thereto incorporated by addendum before the Closing Date and Time.
Request for Proposal. “RFP” means this Request for Proposal, including all Schedules to this Request for Proposal, and any changes the City may from time to time make to this Request for Proposal.
Request for Proposal means the detailed notification seeking a set of solution(s), services(s), materials and/or any combination of them.