For Services Sample Clauses

For Services. It is expected that, where services can be furnished by multiple sources (e.g. Contractor and/or Resellers), each source may offer different rates for the same service. Rates offered by each multiple source cannot exceed Contractor’s ceiling rate for that type/category. The parties may, upon mutual agreement expressed in the Purchase Order, agree to more advantageous payment or financing schedules.
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For Services on performance of the services for which payment is due.
For Services. Sites subcontracted by Coles direct suppliers to deliver the service that Coleshas contracted the direct supplier to deliver. For example, a supplier being contracted by Coles to provide cleaning, security, delivery, or similar services, and subcontracting this service to a third party provider.
For Services. Supplier shall be entitled to invoice Buyer on the effective date of the respective Contract, unless stated differently in the Quotation. Terms of payment shall be net thirty (30) days from date of invoice for Products and Services unless agreed otherwise.
For Services. The reperformance of the services, or if Oracle is unable to perform the services as warranted, Customer shall be entitled to recover the fees paid to Oracle for the unsatisfactory services.
For Services where Supplier has instructional and control responsibility in accordance with Agreement, Supplier will regularly check the work performed by Supplier's consultants. Supplier hereby verifies that the work performed by Supplier's consultants meets Supplier's standard. If other specific controls have been agreed upon, these will be carried out in this connection.
For Services. To the extent contractor is performing services for Montclair, contractor warrants and represents that all services rendered to Montclair shall be performed in strict and full accordance with the specifications stated in the contract and within the professional standards of contractor’s industry.
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For Services. Seller warrants that all services performed under the Agreement will be performed in a reasonable and workmanlike manner.
For Services. If Xx. Xxxxxx obtains new employment or contract(s) for services of four weeks or longer, Xx. Xxxxxx agrees that he will notify QLT of this fact in writing (the "NEW EMPLOYMENT NOTICE") within five working days of such an occurrence and in this event the following provisions apply:
For Services. SAP or its Subprocessors provide Services subject to the Order Form Services and the applicable Scope Document.
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