Program Sample Clauses

Program. 3.01 The Recipient declares its commitment to the Program and its implementation. To this end:
Program. 3.01. The Borrower declares its commitment to the Program and its implementation. To this end, and further to Section 5.08 of the General Conditions:
Program. This agreement (the “Agreement”) sets forth the understandings between the Issuer and the Dealer, each named on the cover page hereof, in connection with the issuance and sale by the Issuer of its short-term promissory notes (the “Notes”) through the Dealer. Certain terms used in this Agreement are defined in Section 6 hereof. The Addendum to this Agreement, and any Annexes or Exhibits described in this Agreement or such Addendum, are hereby incorporated into this Agreement and made fully a part hereof.
Program. 27.1 Within the time stated in the Contract Data the Contractor shall submit to the Engineer for approval a Program including Environmental Management Plan showing the general methods, arrangements, order, and timing for all the activities in the Works along with monthly cash flow forecast
Program c. Consultant understands and agrees that lawful presence in the United States is required and Consultant may be disqualified or the contract terminated if such lawful presence cannot be verified as required by Neb. Rev. Stat. §4-108.
Program. Research and development being conducted by the Performer, as set forth in Article I., paragraph C.
Program. In the event no Predesign Study is available, the Owner shall provide the Design Professional with a Program that describes the Owner’s objectives, schedule, constraints, and criteria, including space requirements and relationships, special equipment, systems and Site requirements. If additional information or programming is required to enable the Design Professional to design the Project, it shall be provided by the Owner or provided by the Design Professional as an Additional Service.
Program. The written and graphical definition of the Project’s space requirements provided by the Owner to the Design Professional. .The Using Agency’s Program and the Project Development File are provided to the Design Professional together with other relevant predesign information, including the purposes and requirements of the Project for the purpose of creating the design and issuing the Construction Documents.
Program. 2.1 The Program would commence from January 13, 2020
Program. 1. Provide and maintain a written personnel manual or handbook that contains policies and procedures consistent with the requirements of the funding source and government laws and regulations.