The Network Sample Clauses

The Network. The Retailer will, subject to clause 27.1, include in its Consumer Contracts an acknowledgement by the Consumer that:
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The Network. The Trader must, subject to clause 29.1, include in each of its Customer Agreements an acknowledgement by the Customer that:
The Network. 7.1 The Customers Network is expected to be VoIP ready. This means that the Customer has a Business Class Firewall that provides QoS* and Prioritization settings and a Managed Business Class Ethernet Switch. In the event that the Customer does not have this equipment or cabling in place then the Customer agrees to acquire it or source it from Broadvoice so that the network is VoIP ready at the time of implementation. Broadvoice does not provide support for our services over WIFI networks. While Broadvoice services may work over WIFI the quality of the call will be dependent on the quality and reliability of the WIFI network. Broadvoice is unable to provide support for our customers WIFI networks.
The Network. We have partnered with the Visa Direct and MasterCard Send to enable a convenient way to transfer money between you and Members who have eligible accounts or enrolled with another financial institution that partners with those same entities. Aliases such as email addresses or mobile phone numbers may be used to prompt a Member to provide eligible account data so that a transfer may take place.
The Network. (a) As at the Effective Date, the Network consists of approximately 25,400 kilometres of natural gas distribution systems in NSW with over 1,200,000 customer connections to these systems. A description of the Network is contained below and can also be found at xxxx://
The Network. The Network is a powerful network of shared knowledge and best practice which would not exist without the dedication of the host institutions and industry partners who enrich the programme with their personal experience and valuable expertise;
The Network. The Network is a source of information about general legal information through its blog, information about the Firm and its professional services, provides a tool for scheduling, and allows clients to pay for legal services, among other functionality. It also may encompass general information about legal issues, the legal industry, and related fields. The Network may consist of more than the primary web site, including subdomains and other domains owned by the Firm. The Firm operates the principle site, but may not operate all of the Network web sites.
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The Network. The Trader must, subject to clause 29.1, include in each of its Customer Agreements an acknowledgement by the Customer that: the Network, including any part of the Network situated on Customer’s Premises, is and will remain the sole property of the Distributor; and no provision of the Customer Agreement nor the provision of any services by the Distributor in relation to the Network will confer on the Customer or any other person any right of property or other interest in or to any part of the Network or any Distributor’s Equipment that is used to provide any such services.
The Network. The Network to be represented by MAI hereunder is ----------- titled "Xxxxx Satellite Network" which is currently comprised of eight (8) 24-hour per day, satellite delivered radio formats: CD Country, US Country, Adult Hit Radio, Good Time Oldies, Soft Hits, FM Lite, The Word-in-Music and Z- Net. Additional 24-hour per day formats are projected to become part of the Network. JSN shall promptly advise MAI of any additional such formats or changes to the formats and broadcast times/dates. This Agreement does not apply to programming which is not a 24-hour per day format. The inclusion of any such other programming herein shall be made only by express agreement of the parties; it being understood that in any event the commission rate of MAI with respect thereto shall not exceed ***.
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