Insurance Companies definition

Insurance Companies means the companies with whom the Insurance Policies are held.
Insurance Companies means the Life Insurance Companies and the Savings Insurance Companies.
Insurance Companies means Phoenix Life Insurance Company and The Ohio National Life Insurance Company.

Examples of Insurance Companies in a sentence

  • In such event, the Trustees will monitor the Trust for the existence of any material irreconcilable conflict between the interests of the contract owners of all Participating Insurance Companies.

  • ANTHEM is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc.

  • In case of institutional clients, namely, FIIs, MFs, VCFs, FVCIs, Scheduled Commercial Banks, Multilateral and Bilateral Development Financial Institutions, State Industrial Development Corporations, Insurance Companies registered with IRDA and Public Financial Institution as defined under section 4A of the Companies Act, 1956, Custodians shall verify the PAN card details with the original PAN card and provide duly certified copies of such verified PAN details to the intermediary.

  • InvestorsBanks, Insurance Companies, Mutual Funds are important players in the debt market.

  • All reports received by the Board of Directors of potential or existing conflicts, and all Board of Directors actions with regard to determining the existence of a conflict, notifying Participating Insurance Companies and Participating Plans of a conflict, and determining whether any proposed action adequately remedies a conflict, will be properly recorded in the minutes of the Board of Directors or other appropriate records, and such minutes or other records will be made available to the SEC upon request.

More Definitions of Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies means, collectively, all Persons that issued any Purdue Insurance Policy, any third-party administrator, claims handling agent or any parent, Subsidiary, affiliate, successor, predecessor or assign of any of the foregoing, solely in such Insurance Company’s capacity with respect to a Purdue Insurance Policy.
Insurance Companies means and include regular line insurance companies and non-profit organizations providing hospital, surgical or medical benefits. All benefits are subject to the provisions of the policies between the Town and the insurance company or non-profit organization. The Article entitled “Terms of Insurance Policies to Govern” shall apply to all insurance offered under this Article and Agreement.
Insurance Companies means the Domestic Insurance Companies and the International Insurance Companies.
Insurance Companies means collectively, the Ceding Company and each party to a Companion Agreement, excluding the Reinsurer.
Insurance Companies is defined in the recitals to this Agreement.
Insurance Companies. International Automotive Group Insurance Company, Ltd. and its successors and any other captive insurance Subsidiary of the Borrower established in the future.
Insurance Companies have the meanings set forth in Section 3.18.