Finance Director Sample Clauses

Finance Director. The Company will have a Finance Director. Each Shareholder will exercise (and will cause each of its Affiliates to exercise) its voting rights so that the nominee of the Shareholder responsible for making such nomination pursuant to this Agreement will be elected as Finance Director for the relevant period during the JV Term. The Finance Director will be responsible for all day-to-day financial matters involving the Company and its subsidiaries, represent the Company, observe and enforce the financial matters resolved by the Board and the general meeting of Shareholders and the provisions of this Agreement and be responsible for the general financial management of the Company. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, the Finance Director will not have the ability to make any decision which would result in the Company or a Shareholder failing to act in accordance with this Agreement nor will the Finance Director make any decision that is inconsistent with the then-current Budget or Development Plan. The party nominating the Finance Director will be liable for paying the salary and compensation of the Finance Director until such time as the Board agrees that the Finance Director will either become a full time employee of the Company, or be otherwise compensated by the Company.
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Finance Director. The Board shall select, by a vote taken in accordance with Section 10.8 of this Agreement, a Finance Director from one of the Members to be Finance Director for the SBWMA, who serves at the pleasure of the Board. The duties of the Finance Director include, but are not limited to the following, all in accordance with prudent financial management and California law, including but not limited to California Government Code §6505 et seq.:
Finance Director. (a) The Appointing Shareholder, if any, may from time to time, nominate a person to be the Finance Director by giving notice to the Company and the MCE Shareholders:
Finance Director. The Finance Director shall develop the budgetary needs of the Company. The Finance Director shall assist the President as to the financial needs of the Company and shall perform such other duties and have such other powers as the Member or the President may from time to time prescribe.
Finance Director. The term
Finance Director. The Klamath County Finance Director is the Chief Financial Officer of the KCDSD.
Finance Director. The BPHC recommends that the health center select and directly employ a Finance Director, and no other entity should have the authority to select or dismiss the Finance Director. In some health centers, this position may be combined with that of Executive Director.
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Finance Director. The Finance Director will be the chief financial officer of the Company. Subject to the supervision of the Senior Managing Director and the Supervisory Board and the provisions of this Agreement, the Constituent Documents of the Company and applicable Law, the Finance Director will:
Finance Director. Signed ..................... Secretary Date: * in the case of the Borrower ** in the case of any Obligor (other than the Borrower) TRANSFER CERTIFICATE [(referred to in Clause 28.3 Substitution Provisions)] To: [NAME OF MEZZANINE AGENT] for and on behalf of the Borrower and other Mezzanine Finance Parties and all other Parties to the Intercreditor Deed (each as defined in the Facility Agreement referred to below). This transfer certificate (this "CERTIFICATE") relates to a Facility Agreement dated [ ] 19[ ] and made between [NAMES OF PARTIES] (the "FACILITY AGREEMENT" which expression includes any amendments or supplements thereto or restatements thereof). Terms defined in the Facility Agreement shall, unless otherwise defined in this Certificate, have the same meanings when used in this Certificate.
Finance Director. The Director of the Department of Finance of the City (including an individual serving in an acting capacity), or his/her designee.
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