Faculty Sample Clauses

Faculty. A. The faculty assigned to College dual credit courses follow the same requirements for credentialing guidelines posted by the College. Each new dual credit instructor who is a District employee or is not otherwise a College employee will be required to follow the same hiring procedures as any College faculty member, which would include, without limitation, completing an application, interviewing, performing a teaching demonstration, credentialing review, and undergoing a background check. All dual credit faculty shall complete an orientation session with Blinn College.
Faculty. The bearer of a certified copy of this deed is authorized to request the registrations subregistrations and annotations that may be pertinent in the Registrarsoffices. .
Faculty. The term “Faculty” as used in this Agreement, shall mean any and all persons included in the bargaining unit as recognized in Article One of this Agreement.
Faculty. Faculty Members who are responsible for a university transfer course will normally hold a Master's or higher degree in the subject area they teach. Faculty Members who are responsible for a course offered as part of a career program may be required to have considerable field experience in order to acquire mastery of a particular body of knowledge. In such instances, Faculty Members will normally hold a Master's degree, relevant professional certification, or their equivalent in addition to the required field experience. Faculty Members who are responsible for performing professional non-instructional duties will normally hold a Master's or higher degree or other relevant professional certification in the appropriate field.
Faculty. “Faculty" are persons whose primary employment responsibilities at the University are as full-time or regular part-time faculty members in the ranks of Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Full Professor holding tenured, probationary tenure-track or limited term appointments of greater than four (4) months duration. For greater certainty, regular part-time faculty members are persons, not engaged as ICAs (as noted below in Article 23.3) or on a limited term appointment, but who are employed on an ongoing basis, and whose primary employment responsibilities at the University are similar to those of full-time faculty members although, from time-to-time, their employment responsibilities may not include performing all of the responsibilities specified in clause 18.1 (General Employment Responsibilities Article) but their workload is less than that of full-time faculty members as specified in Article 27 (Faculty Teaching Workload). Limited term faculty appointments engaged to teach twelve (12) credits in the regular academic year will be paid the stipend for a six credit course, multiplied by two (2), plus 12%. The Employer will make every effort to provide such part-time limited term appointees with access to University email, voice mail as well as shared office space for the period of their term.
Faculty. This letter of understanding will apply to College of the Rockies faculty who are re-employed after retirement. The parties agree to establish a new category of employee in the collective agreement to effect the re-employment of faculty after their normal retirement age. The following conditions describe that category of employment: Definition
Faculty. The terms "faculty" or "the faculty" or "Faculty Member(s)" shall always mean a member or the members (severally or collectively) of the bargaining unit.
Faculty. (A) The non-teaching semester shall be the Summer Semester unless otherwise agreed between the employee and the Employer. The Union shall be notified at least two weeks prior to finalization of any agreement. A copy of this agreement shall be provided to the Union.
Faculty. 16.2.1 The duties of a faculty member shall include some, or all, of: