Health Management definition

Health Management means a weight management program, quit smoking program or stress management course provided by a Recognised Provider which is intended to manage or prevent a disease, injury or condition and which has been approved by CBHS Corporate; or
Health Management means a program designed specially to assist you in managing a specific or chronic health condition. Home health aide services means those services provided by a home health aide employed by a home health care agency and supervised by a registered nurse, which are directed toward the personal care of a member.
Health Management or the "Company" means Health Management, Inc.

Examples of Health Management in a sentence

  • Stock outs at the clinic are unknown, as the Crusader Health management of supplies and commodities is efficient and it has a diversity of suppliers, including a selection of Zambian pharmaceutical wholesalers from nearby Copperbelt Province as well as suppliers in India – the quality of these drugs has so far not been a problem for the clinic, there is no evidence of counterfeit drugs being supplied.

More Definitions of Health Management

Health Management means wellness/disease management programs that are designed to improve the health status of Members. The two standard health management programs include diabetes and congestive heart failure.
Health Management or “HM” also means the provision of wellness/health promotion, medical case management, disease management, and out-of-network review.
Health Management or “HM” means the provision of utilization review, including, but not limited to, hospital management services, continued stay management, discharge planning, retrospective review, outpatient diagnostic test review, pre-admission and post-discharge outreach, and medical review to determine medical necessity for specified medical services, the most appropriate setting, appropriate treatment and, where applicable, an appropriate length of stay. “Health Management” or “HM” also means the provision of wellness/health promotion, medical case management, disease management, and out-of-network review.

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  • Show Management means Questex Expositions, Questex LLC, its co-sponsors and their respective agents, employees and affiliates; (d) “Hall Manage- ment” means the owner or manager of the facility in which the Show is conducted, and its employees and agents; and (e) “Hall” means the facility in which the Show is conducted.

  • Case management means a coordinated set of activities conducted for individual patient management of serious, complicated, protracted or other health conditions.

  • Asset management means a systematic process of operating and maintaining the state system of

  • Allied Health Professional means a person registered as an allied health professional with the Health Professions Council;