Information on Sample Clauses

Information on. All Faculty Employees Who Request Non-Release of Private Information For bargaining unit employees who request that their private information not be disclosed, only items (a) through (f) in Section 2C.3 above shall be provided to the Faculty Association (FA).
Information on. Such notice shall contain the following information: of the position, qualifications, required knowledge and education, skills, shift, or salary rate of range, The Board shall provide the Employees' Association of Ottawa Vice President, Renfrew County Sector, with a copy of for all Board positions. INTERNAL EMPLOYEE Persons who have worked in any bargaining unit position at any during the three (3) working months preceding the closing date on the advertisement, and who have or receive remuneration for same, and who have or will be paying association dues based on minimum earnings of $1'75.00 per pay period, will be eligible to apply for the internally advertised position. Also, in accordance with Article 5: employees, who have been declared redundant are eligible to apply for internal The onus is all internal applicants to provide dates and locations of employment in the bargaining unit during the above-,mentioned period.
Information on. Job Posting The posting shall set out the following information:
Information on. Effective May will be numbered and such notices shall contain the following information: nature of position, required knowledge and education, skills, wage or salary rate or range. Such qualifications may not be established in an arbitrary or discriminatory manner and will reflect the current requirements of the job. This will not allow the Employer to develop a job posting for the purpose of including or excluding a specific applicant. : Advertising Such notice shall be posted after notification of a position vacant.
Information on. Execution Venues; Consent to execution of Securities Transactions outside Organized Markets and Multilateral Trading Facilities The Special Terms and Conditions for Securities Transactions and Execution Policies"(Appendix 2.2.) provide for the execution of commission transactions outside organized markets and multilateral trading systems in accordance with the Customer's instructions. Crypto Assets are also traded in accordance with the "Special Terms and Conditions for Crypto Assets Trading" (Appendix 2.5.) at the Execution Venue instructed by the Customer. Such execution of Customer orders requires the Customer's express consent to this in general or with regard to each Securities transaction or transaction in Crypto Assets. The Customer shall give such consent by issuing instructions regarding the Execution Venue. Trade Republic has listed information on Execution Venues in the Execution Policies of Trade Republic, which is part of the Special Terms and Conditions for Securities Transactions and Execution Policies (Appendix 2.2.) and the Special Terms and Conditions for Trading in Crypto Assets (Appendix 2.5.). In principle, a Securities transaction or a transaction in Crypto Assets shall be executed at the Execution Venue specified by the Customer by instruction to Trade Republic in accordance with the applicable execution rules. In exceptional cases, e.g., trading venue failure, directed orders may occur. To the extent that orders in Securities Transactions between Trade Republic and the Customer cannot be fulfilled in whole or in part by means of a buy or sell transaction with another market participant or a central counterparty, Trade Republic may, at its own discretion, deliver or take delivery of the relevant Securities itself, in whole or in part. For these cases, the Customer waives receipt of a declaration of partial or complete delivery or assumption of Securities by Trade Republic.
Information on the Parties Split of Responsibilities to Data Subjects: Unify is responsible to make the standard DPA document without any changes accessible to all Unify Cloud Services Users. In case this DPA contains changes to the standard DPA document requested by Customer, Unify has no responsibility to make these changes accessible to Data Subjects.

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  • INFORMATION ON THE PARTIES The Company is a company incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability and is an investment holding company operating its business through its subsidiaries. The Group is principally engaged in the development, investment, operation and management of power plants and other renewable energy projects. Hangjinhouqi is a company established in the PRC with limited liability that is principally engaged in construction, production and sales of electric and thermal power projects and new energy projects in the PRC. Hangjinhouqi is an indirect non wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx is a company established in the PRC with limited liability that is principally engaged in the operation, maintenance and management of new energy power plants in the PRC. Yangqu Weilan is an indirect non wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. CITIC Financial Leasing is a company established in the PRC with limited liability, which is principally engaged in the business of finance leasing. CITIC Financial Leasing is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China CITIC Bank Corporation Limited. CITIC Bank Corporation Limited is a joint stock company incorporated in the PRC with limited liability and its A Shares listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 601998) and its H Shares listed on the Stock Exchange (stock code: 0998). To the best of the Directors’ knowledge, information and belief having made all reasonable enquires, CITIC Financial Leasing and its ultimate beneficial owner are third parties independent of the Company and connected persons of the Company as at the date of this announcement.

  • Information on Postings Such notice shall contain the following information: classification title, department, full-time or part-time, shift and hours of work, duties (consistent with principal duties of job description), skills, qualifications, wage rate, date of posting, deadline for applications.

  • INFORMATION OF THE GROUP The Company is an investment company and the holding company of the Group. The Group is principally engaged in construction of water treatment plants, and provision of construction services for comprehensive renovation projects in the PRC, Malaysia and Australia; provision of sewage and reclaimed water treatment and seawater desalination services in the PRC, the Republic of Singapore, Portuguese Republic, Australia and New Zealand; distribution and sale of piped water in the PRC, Portuguese Republic and Australia; provision of technical and consultancy services and sale of machineries related to sewage treatment and construction services for comprehensive renovation projects in the PRC and Australia; and the licensing of technical know-how related to sewage treatment in the PRC. BEWG (China) Investment BEWG (China) Investment is a company incorporated in the PRC with limited liability and an investment holding company wholly owned by the Company. BEWG Environmental BEWG Environmental is a company incorporated in the PRC with limited liability and an investment holding company wholly owned by the Company. ABC Financial ABC Financial is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the PRC on 1 August 2017 and is the first batch of professional implementation organization in banking industry which specialize in market-driven debt-to-equity swaps business approved by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission. It is principally engaged in market- driven debt-to-equity swap business. Bei Kong Nan Nan Bei Kong Nan Nan is a company incorporated in the PRC with limited liability and a company indirectly held as to 42% by the Company. Its principal activities are engaged in investment management. CDB Development Fund CDB Development Fund is a company incorporated in accordance with the law by China Development Bank with the support by the central government. It is a policy-oriented organization to provide finance support for projects in key sectors made by the State Council.

  • Corporate Information Promptly upon, and in any event within five (5) Business Days after, becoming aware of any additional corporate or limited liability company information or division information of the type delivered pursuant to Section 6.01(f), or of any change to such information delivered on or prior to the Closing Date or pursuant to this Section 8.01 or otherwise under the Credit Documents, a certificate, certified to the extent of any change from a prior certification, from the secretary, assistant secretary, managing member or general partner of such Credit Party notifying the Administrative Agent of such information or change and attaching thereto any relevant documentation in connection therewith.

  • Information on Corporate Actions The Custodian shall promptly deliver to the Trust all information received by the Custodian and pertaining to Securities being held by the Fund with respect to optional tender or exchange offers, calls for redemption or purchase, or expiration of rights. If the Trust desires to take action with respect to any tender offer, exchange offer or other similar transaction, the Trust shall notify the Custodian at least three Business Days prior to the date on which the Custodian is to take such action. The Trust will provide or cause to be provided to the Custodian all relevant information for any Security which has unique put/option provisions at least three Business Days prior to the beginning date of the tender period.

  • Information Confidential As partial consideration for the granting of the Award hereunder, you hereby agree to keep confidential all information and knowledge, except that which has been disclosed in any public filings required by law, that you have relating to the terms and conditions of this Agreement; provided, however, that such information may be disclosed as required by law and may be given in confidence to your spouse and tax and financial advisors. In the event any breach of this promise comes to the attention of the Company, it shall take into consideration that breach in determining whether to recommend the grant of any future similar award to you, as a factor weighing against the advisability of granting any such future award to you.

  • Payroll Information Payroll checks shall include all required information, a clear designation as to the amount and category, e.g., regular, overtime or holiday pay, of compensation for which payment is being made.

  • Information and Confidentiality 20.1 Each party recognises that under this Agreement it may receive Confidential Information belonging to the other.