The Country definition

The Country means United Kingdom ( UK ).
The Country means the area of Papua New Guinea;
The Country means Papua New Guinea;

Examples of The Country in a sentence

  • The Country will ensure that it conducts accurate monitoring of its activities under this Agreement.

  • The Country agrees to assume overall responsibility for the management and implementation of this Agreement and of all activities undertaken by it or on its behalf to fulfil the obligations under this Agreement.

  • The Country agrees to meet the annual consumption limits of the Substances as set out in row 1.2 of Appendix 2-A (“The Targets, and Funding”) in this Agreement as well as in the Montreal Protocol reduction schedule for all Substances mentioned in Appendix 1-A.

  • The Country acknowledges that the Executive Committee may reduce the amount of the Funding by the amount set out in Appendix 7-A (“Reductions in Funding for Failure to Comply”) in respect of each ODP kg of reductions in consumption not achieved in any one year.

  • The Country Verifying Certification Authorities, the Document Verifier and Extended Inspection Systems hold authentication key pairs and certificates for their public keys encoding the access control rights.

More Definitions of The Country

The Country means the UK.
The Country means the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
The Country. : means a country where the Traveler is intended to travel from and/or to.
The Country means the country of residence of the member.
The Country means those parts of the State that lie outside the metropolitan fire service districts;
The Country means Trinidad and Tobago.
The Country s complete industry chain means that we generate a large variety of hazardous waste.