Application of Sample Clauses

Application of. Proceeds Any moneys received by the Administrative Agent or by any Receiver appointed by it pursuant to this Mortgage and/or under the powers hereby conferred shall, after the security constituted by this Mortgage shall have become enforceable in accordance with its terms, but subject to the payment of any claims having priority to the security constituted by this Mortgage and to the Administrative Agent’s and such Receiver’s rights under Clauses 9.4 (Contingencies) and 10.2 (Powers of Receiver), be applied against the amounts due and payable under the Loan Documents in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.13 (Payments and Computations) of the Facility Agreement.
Application of. ARTICLE 11: The terms of Article 11 on posting, transfer, and vacancies do not apply to a retired bargaining unit member. If the District offers to employ a retired bargaining unit member in a position, then that position is not vacant under the terms of Article 11.
Application of. Article The provisions of this Article 4 apply on the occurrence of an Event of Default that is continuing.
Application of. ARTICLE Each member shall take such action as is necessary in its own territories for the purpose of making effective in terms of its own law the principles set forth in this Article and shall inform the Fund of the detailed action which it has taken.
Application of. PAYMENTS If you pay the required minimum payment of the monthly Account Statement, the payment shall be applied in the following way: first to INTEREST CHARGES and the rest shall be applied first to the debt resulting from purchases and cash advances, with the lowest APR and then to the debt with the higher APR in ascending order. Consequently, the debt with the higher APR will not be reduced, until the debt with the lower APR is paid in full. If you pay an amount in excess of the minimum required payment, the excess shall be applied first to the debt resulting from purchases and cash advances with the highest APR and then to the debt with the lowest APR in descending order. All payments by mail must be made by check or money order. Payments may not be made by attempting to effect a transfer or by using a convenience check from this Account or from any other Banco Popular North America Credit Card Account. You agree that any payment you make may be, but is not required to be, returned to you without applying it to your Account and without presentment or protest, for reasons including, but not limited to, that the check or money order: (1) is missing a signature; (2) is drawn with different numeric and written amounts; (3) contains a restrictive endorsement; (4) is post dated; (5) is not payable to Banco Popular North America; (6) is not payable in U.S. dollars; (7) is not paid upon presentment; or (8) results from an attempted transfer or is drawn on a convenience check. You agree to pay any bank collection fees we incur for any check payments made in U.S. dollars drawn on a financial institution not located in the United States. All payments made by mail under this Agreement must be received at the address specified on your billing statement. Any conditional check, money order or any other instrument tendered as full satisfaction of a disputed debt or as an accord and satisfaction or containing a restrictive endorsement must be sent to us at the Banco Popular North America, Cardmember Service Center, 00000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx-XX00, Xx. Xxxxxxxxxx, XX, 00000. You must note conspicuously on the face of the payment that it is tendered for this purpose. If you make a payment in any other manner and we accept it, we will not have waived our rights to collect any amounts owed under this agreement. Even though your payment may be posted to your Account, we may not restore or more, depending upon the payment due date on your account. The Average Daily Balance for cash...
Application of proceeds To the extent that the Agent or the Security Agent receives monies pursuant to or as a result of any breach of any Finance Document to be applied in discharging any obligation (whether actual or contingent, present or future) of any Obligor under any Finance Document, such monies shall be applied in the order set out in Clause 33.5 (Partial Payments).
Application of funds Unless Windsor otherwise agrees, any payments received by it shall be applied first in payment of any enforcement expenses, secondly in payment of any default interest, thirdly in payment of any interest accrued but unpaid, fourthly in payment of overdue instalments in order to which they were due, and fifthly in payment of all other money outstanding under this agreement. Any surplus will be paid to the Borrower subject to any right of set-off that Windsor may have however arising.
Application of funds All moneys received by the Bank under or pursuant to any of the Security Documents and expressed to be applicable in accordance with this Clause 11.3 shall be applied by the Bank in the following manner:
Application of. PAYMENTS The Facility Agent and each Bank shall apply any amount received by it hereunder:
Application of. PROCEEDS 8.2.1 ON EACH DISTRIBUTION DATE On each Distribution Date, all moneys received or held by the Loan Note Issuer in the Loan Note Issuer Distribution Account relating to a Series (as recorded in the relevant Series Loan Note Issuer Distribution Account Ledger) shall be applied to make the following payments: