The Community Sample Clauses

The Community recognizes Sri Lanka's need for development assistance and is prepared to strengthen its cooperation and enhance its efficiency in order to contribute to Sri Lanka's own efforts in achieving sustainable economic development and social progress of its people through concrete projects and programmes. Community support will be in accordance with Community policies, regulations and the limits of the financial means available for cooperation.
The Community and Sri Lanka shall continue to grant each other most-favoured-nation treatment in their trade in accordance with the provisions of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.
The Community. Counsellors Program shall provide in-person counselling support for all individuals living in all Points of Hire communities. Priority will be given to Inuit workers and their families. The Community Counsellors Program is an extension of the Employment Assistance Program (EAP) of the Company and will not decrease existing assistance provided by the Company.
The Community. Recreational Facility must first be approved by the City. The Community Recreational Facility must be consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Park Plan and not interfere with the City’s programmatic planning and operations for the Joint Use Land.
The Community. 2.1 GEOGRAPHIC DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE AREA The Parkview Health system includes Allen, Huntington, Kosciusko, Lagrange, Noble, Wabash, and Xxxxxxx Counties in northeast Indiana, as well as portions of northwest Ohio and southwest Michigan. Parkview Hospital facilities are located in six of these seven counties. This report is particular to Xxxxx County.
The Community. The Community in terms of Subclauses 1.(1)(cc) and 23.(4) of the Special Conditions of Contract shall for the purpose of this Contract be held to include all the residents of Ndayini. Administrative are residing within a ten kilometre radius of the site.
The Community. A. Information about the community organization and project supervisor Name of organization: Telephone #: Name of placement supervisor: Email #: Address of placement site: Fax #
The Community. College agrees to use its best efforts to sell and issue the Certificates and the Employer will cooperate with the Community College to provide necessary financial information in connection with the sale of the Certificates. The Community College and the Employer shall agree upon a schedule of principal and interest payments prior to the issuance of Certificates. It is understood and greed that should the Certificates not be marketed or marketable within a reasonable time that this Agreement may be terminated and the Project terminated; provided, however, the obligation of the Employer under Section 2.8 hereof shall continue following any such termination.
The Community. COLLEGE DISTRICT shall determine the number of instructors, the ratio of instructors to students, and the subject areas of instruction.
The Community. Development Director shall be a full time employee of the Township and shall perform all duties as required and directed by the Township Manager including, but not limited to, those stated in the attached Job Description. The Employee agrees that at all times he will, faithfully and to the best of his ability, experience and talents, perform all the duties that may be required of him. It is understood that the Employee Community Development Director shall be responsible to the Township Board through the Township Manager, or another person so designated by the Township Board.